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    Survey Results: How to Score an Interview—And Cleverest Resumes

    PowerPoints, YouTube Videos Grab Attention

    Lack of Experience Top Reason for Not Getting Interview


    Logan, UT, September 14, 2016 —Express Employment Professionals released new results today from a survey of businesses revealing how applicants secure job interviews, why some applicants do not get interviews and some of the cleverest ways applicants have submitted resumes.

    Respondents were asked, “What are the best ways for an applicant to get a job interview with your company.”

    The simple act of applying and submitting a resume was the top answer, offered by 23 percent of respondents. Another 12 percent said applicants should be referred. Ten percent said “apply online,” while 8 percent said call.

    Respondents were also asked, “What are the main reasons an applicant does not get a job interview with your company?”

    “Lack of experience” topped the list at 16 percent, followed closely by “lack of skills/qualifications” at 15 percent.

    When asked to describe a clever way someone had submitted a resume, respondents recounted receiving:

    • A binder with a portfolio of projects
    • A PowerPoint presentation with audio and video
    • A YouTube video
    • A resume folded into a paper airplane
    • A gift package containing the resume

    Other respondents mentioned an applicant walking in as a customer before revealing interest in a job. Another received a call recommending someone for the job—only to find out the caller was recommending herself.

    “First you have to at least submit a basic resume. From there we can help you with the details pertaining to a specific job you’re interested in applying for,” said Doug Anthony, franchise owner of the Logan, UT Express office.

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    The survey of 390 businesses, which are current and former clients of Express Employment Professionals,covers hiring trends for the second quarter of 2016.


    If you would like to arrange for an intervie w with Doug Anthony, call (435) 213-9595.

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