• Client Testimonials

    • I have had very positive outcomes with Express. They are always very responsive with getting positions filled and if there are any issues, they are on top of it. I would highly recommend Express for employment needs. 
      Tina, Executive Director

    • We have worked with Express for many years and have always had an outstanding experience with their management team, customer service representatives and quality of referred professionals. We have hired multiple OUTSTANDING employees from the Express team and tremendously value the relationship we have maintained throughout the years.
      Nicole, Marketing and Merchandising Specialist

    • Express Employment Professionals are great to work with. They are very proactive by reaching out when they have qualified applicants that they think would be a good fit for your business. They also put out an email that is very informative for businesses. The best part is that they support the community in many ways. Thanks for all you do Express Employment Professionals!
      Jeremy, Operations Director 

    • Throughout the years, my company has gotten quality Temps from Express Employment and when we have permanent position open, we hire from them. The staff always reaches out to me and they make sure our needs are met. Thank you, Mark, Barb, Katelyn, Angela and the rest of the Express staff.
      Edward, Manager

    • Working with everyone at Express has been a great experience.
      Brad, Insurance Business Owner
    • We proudly look to Express Pros exclusively to fill open positions. It's the best decision we ever made. As soon as we need to fill a position, Samantha has 4 to 5 candidates to interview within a day or two. Employees enjoy good care and benefits from Express; we enjoy freedom from daunting payroll tax management, poorly fit candidates, scouting for and screening job seekers. Win-win-win! We all three win: Employee-Express-Employer.
      Delphine, Associate Director of Finance

    • In each instance in which we have worked with Express, they have screened potential candidates, administered testing to identify those applicants with specific professional skills needed for our particular position, and have followed up with each of their references. In doing so, Express has delivered candidates that are just the right fit for our team.
      Laura, Law Group Partner

    • We appreciate working with Express Employment Professionals. They have excellent staff, great communication, and always there for us. Thank you!
      Malik, Manager
    • We rely on Express Employment Professionals to bring us the best people for the job at hand – and always on short notice.  They really know how to hop to it!
      The workers who come to us are carefully screened and always experienced in the tasks we’ve specified. They fit in with our organizational style, work well with our staff and supervisors, and respect our company guidelines.
      Diane, Office Manager
    • I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the administrative employees we have hired this past year through Express. They are working out very well. Finding the right employee can make a world of difference and we are so appreciative for what you and your team does. Thank you so much!
      Mike, Human Resource Manager

    • We couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to work with Express Employment Professionals to staff our large community festival. After a crisis with another staffing agency, we called Express just 48 hours before our event with a request for over a dozen staff members. They listened to our needs and asked all the right questions, then immediately got to work.
      We were also pleasantly surprised to find that Express sent us staff perfectly suited to our event. In short, the Express team helped save our festival and we would be happy to recommend them to any potential clients.
      Jenny, Human Resource Manager