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  • Madison, WI Staff

    Hannah Haenel

    Sales and Recruitment Manager

    Hannah has been with Madison Express since January of 2020. Hannah is our Sales and Recruitment Manager. It is her goal to understand the needs of companies and offer specific solutions. Hannah is motivated every day because by doing her job she is helping the community. When looking to partner with a company Hannah looks for companies that treat their current employees well, have a clean and safe work environment and have a knowledgeable management team.

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    Mayra Gallegos

    Retention Representative

    Mayra has been with Madison Express since August of 2019. Mayra is our Retention Representative. She is focused on staying in touch with our associates throughout their assignment, and even after they're hired on. Mayra also helps us with recruiting. Mayra specializes in the Spanish speaking community as she is bilingual. When Mayra is working with candidates, the qualities she looks for include responsibility, honesty, and a good work ethic.   


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    Bethany Sykora

    Employment Specialist

    Bethany joined the Madison Express team in January 2020 as our Industrial Recruiter. As an Industrial Recruiter, Bethany specializes in Warehouse Positions, Delivery Drivers, Machine Operators, Shipping and Receiving, Pickers and Packers, etc. Bethany loves her job because she gets to listen to what people are looking for in a job and gets to hear the excitement from the job seeker when she finds that job seeker a good fit. She acknowledges that finding the correct job is a difficult process and finds joy in assisting job seekers through that process. Bethany takes pride in showcasing every candidates skills. She mentioned that by the end of the interview, she always has a longer list of skills than what they started with. One candidate told her he could have never described his experience and skills without her help. Bethany believes that that is a skill set that will make a difference in the candidate's life as they move forward.

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    Emily Headshot
    Emily Walls

    Employment Specialist

    Emily joined the Madison Express team in February 2023 as our Employment Specialist. She specializes in finding the right job for every applicant by taking the time to really get to know the candidate. She enjoys being able to help her community obtain employment through effective listening and matching applicants to the right job based on work experience, skillset, and candidate needs.


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    Maricela Valle

    Front Office Coordinator

    Maricela has been with Express since August 2022. She is the very first person you will see when you enter our doors. She is such a big part of our success as she focuses on greeting visitors, answering incoming calls and providing them with information and doing the initial screening. She also helps the applicants to complete the onboarding process once they have a job offer. Maricela assists with payroll and follows up with the associates after a week of being employed to make sure the placement is a good fit for them. She helps with the Spanish speaking applicants as she is bilingual. 

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