A Mesa Employment Agency is Revealing 4 Weaknesses to Talk About in Your Job Interview

  • A Mesa Employment Agency is Revealing 4 Weaknesses to Talk About in Your Job Interview

    Mesa, Arizona - August 17, 2021

    Job interviews can be stressful, and it's hard to know what to say or do. But the worst thing you could do is lie in an interview because if your interviewer finds out, you'll have a lot of explaining to do. It's best for your career development to tell the truth about any weaknesses that you might have. In this blog post, a Mesa employment company will discuss four weaknesses that are worth talking about in a job interview! 

    A Mesa Employment Agency is Revealing 4 Weaknesses to Talk About in Your Job Interview A big weakness of mine is that I sometimes procrastinate. I know it's not good to put things off, but sometimes we all get busy and just need a break from work! 

    I'm working on being more proactive, so this doesn't happen as often. 

    To be honest, when I have to do something new or different, my first instinct is usually "no." This probably comes from years spent in school where you're told what the right answers are rather than encouraging students to express themselves creatively. It might be difficult for me to take risks at times because risk means failure every time. But with practice and guidance, I will learn how to overcome these fears overtime... 

    One thing that helps make overcoming challenges easier is a positive attitude. 

    Another weakness of mine is that I have trouble keeping up with office gossip. This might sound odd, but when someone finds out something important or juicy about another co-worker, it's hard for me not to ask what they know! It would be better if I just focused on my work and let everyone else deal with their issues amongst themselves. 

    This doesn't mean I'm unfriendly though-I enjoy chatting with people in the break room anytime we're both there at the same time! They often tell me funny stories about things other colleagues are doing around the company too. 

    A final weakness of mine is that sometimes I can become easily stressed by minor tasks like data entry or clerical work. I know these tasks are important for the company, but they can be a little tedious to do after doing more complex work like writing or editing an article! 

    The best way to combat this is by setting up time limits and breaking down large projects into smaller parts that I can tackle with ease. 

    As you can see, it's not a good idea to hide any weaknesses during the interview process. The interviewer is going to find out eventually! It's best to be honest and upfront about your shortcomings from the get-go so that they have time to work with you on getting them fixed for future interviews or projects. For more information, contact Express, a leading provider of employment services  in Mesa, Arizona.  

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