Express Birmingham News

  • January 2017 - Express Birmingham Breaking Express Records!!

    Express Birmingham (North) is the VERY FIRST office to ever in the history of all Express Offices internationally to hit 50 Clients in only 41 weeks since their opening! 

    Express Employment Professionals in Birmingham, AL (North) has been steadily reaching their goals and breaking records sailing through every Express-Employment-Birmingham-Jobs-Recruitmentmilestone in Express' "Success Track" to becoming a "Circle of Excellence" Office. Without any prior experience in the staffing industry, Daniel Morgan, Express Birmingham (North) Franchisee came to Express in November 2014 with a goal of building the best franchise ever from the ground up. The "Success Track" Program is a formal program designed to challenge, support, recognize and award franchisees for building a healthy foundation and reaching major milestones along the way. The Express Birmingham office has blown past all four specific milestones designated to be reached within the first two years of business and has surpassed the previous record holder by 10 weeks, reaching their goal of 50 Clients in only 41 weeks total. The VERY first in the history of Express. WOW. The success doesn't stop there.  In their second year, the Express Birmingham North office reached the Circle of Excellence milestone.  The numbers are astounding and extremely important but the most amazing part is how he did it - he and his core staff execute strategy every day to support their clients and help people in Birmingham find work.   

    Daniel Morgan exhibits all the traits of a winning leader. He has an incredible passion for what he does. He is disciplined and holds himself accountable. The accountability he demands of himself established him as a leader and earns the respect he needs to demand accountability from his staff. Much of Daniel's success lies in what he is; not as much as what he is not. He is not a teller or a manager. He is a leader, an extremely hard working leader. He is out there every single day working as hard as he expects his team members to work. His work ethic continually inspires them to play their parts of the team so that they can all succeed.

    Most importantly, the Birmingham North office believes in themselves. With Daniel's leadership, it does not even occur to anyone on our team that they cannot succeed. They do not make excuses. They concentrate on removing obstacles. Daniel credits his vision for success and making this "can-do" model work to Rocky Gill and his Tyler, TX office. After visiting Rocky's office, Daniel returned to Alabama with a bag of proven strategies, the knowledge to execute, and the belief that he could build the best franchise ever. 

    "The key to our success has been our incredible team we have assembled, the dedication to teamwork we all share, our positive attitudes, and the passion that we each bring for putting people to work in the Birmingham Community." -- Daniel Morgan, Owner, Express Birmingham (North) 

    This story is inspirational not just to the Birmingham Community or Express Franchisees, it is a truly remarkable story that anyone who has faced obstacles in their life can be able to relate to. It does not matter if you are starting your own business, in your fourth week, fourth year, or celebrating 20 plus years in business, ask yourself what you can take away from Daniel's story to create your own success. Whatever knowledge that you may take away from Daniel's success story, remember to challenge yourself to execute your strategies, break through your next milestone, and bring passion to your work every single day.

    November 2016 - A Few New Staff Changes for Express Birmingham

    Express Birmingham is growing!  Marty Desforges our new Staffing Consultant is doing a fantastic job.

    Express Birmingham continues to grow at a record pace.  Marty Desforges, who has been with us just over a month, is being promoted to Staffing Consultant.  Marty has done a fantastic job learning the business and is excited for the opportunity.  As we continue to grow, we will look for others that have the skillset, attitude, and work ethic of Marty.  Marty is a tremendous asset to our team and we are so blessed to have her.  Congratulations Marty, the best is yet to come! 

    May 2016 - Express Birmingham Hits "Bob's 20/30/50+ Challenge" Contest!

    Express Employment Professionals Birmingham, AL (North) was officially named as a winner in "Bob's 20/30/50+ Challenge" Contest out of the entire 740+ offices franchise internationally!"Bob's 20/30/50+ Challenge" is a sales contest throughout the entire Express Employment Professionals Franchise totaling over 740 offices internationally that challenges every franchise owner to increase their clients billed by 20 or 30 or 50 clients in a single week over their 2015 baselines. Through teamwork and goal-setting, Express Birmingham (North) was the second office throughout the entire franchise to win Bob's Challenge in 2015. To win Bob's Challenge, the Birmingham office started by breaking their main goal into smaller ones. "I believe having goals and a process to attain them were a huge part of our success, said Daniel Morgan, owner of our Express Birmingham office. "We don't make excuses and we work really hard."  

    "It is an absolute honor to be the second office to hit this goal in 2015. Although I must say, the best part about winning this award was being able to be a part of the joy and excitement from my team as I was able to give them each $250 gift cards, our reward for winning this challenge through our hard work and dedication." -- Daniel Morgan, Owner, Express Birmingham (North)                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

    Doing Away With Excuses

    Daniel and his team believe that reaching their goals can only be accomplished with a positive, success-driven attitude. To eliminate negative talk, Daniel said they:

    • don’t say can’t, they say how.
    • remove obstacles from their associates, clients, and staff. If an obstacle is too big, they find an alternative solution.
    • stay disciplined to the Express process.

    As Daniel explained: “Why can’t we be the best? You don’t get there overnight, but why should we settle by saying we can’t do something?”

    Focusing on Team Work

    Another winning strategy the Birmingham office employs is morning meetings. “We meet every morning and talk about open jobs we need to fill,” Daniel said. “We talk about clients we need to follow up on, MPC, or give a customer service call. We talk about the types of positions we need to recruit. Communication between team members, clients, and associates is crucial.”

    Daniel added that hiring the right people makes a huge difference in office productivity. “My staff works hard, they are smart, and they are the difference,” he said. “You must hire the right people, find their strengths, and let them take ownership of their role in the office. Every member of my office has a voice and meets a potential candidate before we bring them on.”

    Giving Value to Clients

    The Birmingham office’s goal is to make each of their clients feel special and understand the value of working with Express. “They are not just another sales call on our list or an opportunity to put money in our pocket,” Daniel said. “We value their business and success, and we want to build a working relationship. We admit our mistakes, we apologize, we learn, and we correct. Most importantly, we do what we say.”

    In addition to challenging each other and making sure every team member has a voice, Daniel said he makes sure everyone has the tools they need to succeed. “Lastly, and simply stated, we follow the Express model from training,” Daniel said. “The process works. You just have to be disciplined enough to follow it!”  Not only is Express Birmingham (North) setting the standards high for new offices, he achieved this goal over existing offices as well - showing that their hard work, dedication, perseverance, and commitment to excellence has proved to be unfaltering. 


    Express Birmingham Hits Express's Circle of Excellence Fast Track! 

    Express Employment Professionals in North Birmingham, AL hits "Fast Track" to Express's Circle of Excellence Award.

    Express's Circle of Excellence Award is given to the Franchisee Offices based on number of total sales from the prior year. In only our first year, our office in North Birmingham, AL has reached the "Fast Track" criteria to make Circle of Excellence! Thank you to all of our Clients and Associates for helping us achieve this great honor in only our first year! We are looking forward to helping even more businesses find great employees and helping even more outstanding employees get back to work!