Our Recruiting Company in Buena Vista: Identifying Red Flags in Resumes

  • Our Recruiting Company in Buena Vista: Identifying Red Flags in Resumes

    Nashville, TN - December 23, 2020

    Our Recruiting Company in Buena Vista | Express Employment Professionals Nashville North Staffing can be stressful when you're running a business. At Express Employment Professionals North Nashville, we fully understand how difficult it is to juggle the daily operations of your company when understaffed. Our recruiting company handles hiring needs for Buena Vista area businesses. We understand how little time you have-but we also understand how important it is to find the right candidate.

    Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to filter applicants throughout the recruitment process, even from the very start. Let's look at what to look for when reviewing a resume. 

    3 Red Flags To Watch For In Applicants' Resumes 

    A resume is an applicant's first introduction to a business. For job-seekers in Buena Vista, it's always crucial to make a good introduction. If an applicant hasn't bothered to take the time or effort to submit a solid application, it may tell you about their overall commitment or attention to detail.

    From our recruiting company, here are some commonly spotted red flags which often indicate a deeper issue: 

    • Plenty of typos.  As spell-check and grammar-check programs become more ubiquitous than ever, there's really no reason for a job applicant to have a typo-ridden resume. It's usually a worrying sign if a job-seeker can't do the bare minimum to present a polished application with minimal errors. 
    • Unclear or vague information.  If a job applicant doesn't clearly list their job title or other highly relevant information, it's a concern. This can often be an indication of padding on a resume, where someone tries to inflate their responsibilities or role. Look for other deliberately vague or confusing language to see if this is a trend. 
    • Inconsistent job history.  Everyone has ups and downs in their careers, but when you see a consistently erratic work history, it's worth investigating. Watch out for inconsistencies like an unexplained drop in title or responsibilities, frequent resume gaps, and very short stints at workplaces. 

    How Our Recruiting Company in Buena Vista Can Help 

    With Express Employment Professionals Nashville North, we take care of it all. You don't have to review resumes or handle the interview process. The team at our recruiting company will manage your staffing needs completely. With a comprehensive understanding of the evolving job market, plus rigorous vetting and assessment processes, we make it easier to find top candidates in: 

    • Buena Vista
    • North Nashville
    • Cumberland Gardens
    • Nashville
    • And throughout the surrounding area

    Do you need a recruiting company in Buena Vista? Get started with Express Nashville North by calling  (615) 313-3690 today.