Meet the Owner

  • Meet the Owner

    Neil Ackerman

    new neilNeil is thrilled to open the Pittsburgh East Express office, completing Pittsburgh’s full array of Express locations, and he is ready to connect job seekers with work and clients with capable associates.  A graduate of the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Musical Arts and a Master of Business Administration from Eastern Michigan University, Neil has a worked for over twenty years in sales.  He started his career with Xerox and followed this up by working several years at both Nuance Communications and Navicure, Inc.  He has also sold in the commercial print industry.

    With a wide range of experience in the medical, healthcare, and print business, Neil is ready to take on the staffing business in the Pittsburgh East area and subsequently create strong relationships with surrounding businesses.  With his Pittsburgh East team, he plans on collaborating with the other Pittsburgh offices to work toward Express Employment’s goal of “putting a million to work.”

    In his free time, Neil loves reading and history, and is also a practitioner of the martial arts.