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  • This podcast series shares inspiring stories about the pursuit of work. Jobs give us a connection to our community and the ability to provide for ourselves and our families. Your work may be your passion, or it could just be the way you make ends meet. On the Job dives into the multiple employment milestones of life.

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    Spreading Love Through Math

    Season 6, Episode 4

    Educator and software engineer Thierry Mugabo Uwilingiyamana knows what the stakes are when education isn't allowed to flourish - so he's dedicated his life to spreading knowledge and giving kids the tools they need to love learning.

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    A Meaty Decision

    Season 6, Episode 3

    Scott Carey leaves his stable, decade-long career in marketing to make a risky move doing something he loves - being a butcher.

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    Minding The Store

    Season 6, Episode 2

    General store manager Karen Banks perseveres through the turbulence of losing her employees, and the huge influx of customers coming into her small Vermont town.



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    The Great Transformation

    Season 6, Episode 1

    Brown University economist Mark Blyth sets the stage for Season 6 of "On The Job" by telling the story of how we got where we are today.


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