• Express Employment Professionals Rochester Hills, Troy and Clinton Township

    Profile pic Bob
    Bob Thomas

    Owner - Rochester Hills, Troy, Clinton Twp / Express Employment Professionals and Specialized Recruiting Group

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    Paul 2022
    Paul LaFrance

    Regional Developer & Owner

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    melissa 2022
    Melissa Goga

    Client Services & Business Development

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    jennifer 2022
    Jennifer Forte

    Professional Recruiter - Specialized Recruiting Group

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    Ben Muhitch LinkedIn 2023
    Ben Muhitch

    Professional Recruiter - Specialized Recruiting Group


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    Kathleen 2022
    Kathleen Gammons

    Business Development / Sales

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    Mason 2022
    Mason Vaughan

    Business Development / Sales

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    Sam 2022
    Sam Thompson

    Senior Account Manager

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    Alicia 2022
    Alicia Green

    Account Manager

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    Paige 2022
    Paige Barnard

    Account Manager

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    Katie 2022
    Katie Raker

    Sourcing Team Lead

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    Bailey 2022
    Bailey Clark

    Account Manager

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    Sydney 2022
    Sydney Bryson

    Employment Specialist

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    Rylie 2022
    Rylie Mays

    Employment Specialist / Account Manager

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