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    Bruce Gouin circle pic
    Bruce Gouin

    Managing Owner

    • Head janitor & repair guy; also client relations and client development
    • Strong in faith & father of 2 awesome grown kids; happily married for 38 years
    • Regular exerciser to counter a weakness for peanut M&M's
    • Driving goal - to make a positive impact on people's lives… and more championships for Michigan


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    Alex Circle
    Alex Gouin

    Owner / Office Manager

    • Handles admin/sales/medical/accounting - staffing & direct hire/search
    • UNA grad & night-time kickballer
    • Upbeat, positive & enthusiastic… and a total sports nut
    • Previous experience: Sales, sports marketing, customer service, telemarketing


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    Wendy pic
    Wendy Ingram

    Employment Manager / Intake & Recruiting

    • Handles commercial/industrial - staffing & direct hire
    • Social media, web site management, job postings, online recruiting
    • Started at front desk - has done every job in office except outside sales & payroll
    • Previous experience: Staffing & recruiting, administrative, customer service, inside sales


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    danielle pic
    Danielle Dillard

    Employment Manager

    • Handles commercial/industrial - staffing & direct hire
    • Mother to three (energetic) boys - has her hands full!
    • When not hunting talent and dealing with the above, loves to cook and read
    • Previous experience: Staffing, customer service, supervisor, administrative


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    abbey pic
    Abbey Frazier

    Employment Manager

    • Handles admin/sales/medical/accounting - staffing & direct hire/search
    • When not hunting talent, loves reading the bible and spending time with hubby!
    • Mother to one MSU French Bulldog named Gentry
    • Previous background: Residential leasing consultant, youth counselor, retail management

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    ej pic
    EJ Alsbrooks

    Employment Specialist

    • Handles commercial/industrial - staffing & direct hire
    • UAB graduate, Birmingham born & raised
    • Avid New York Sports fanatic: Knicks, Mets, & Jets!
    • Previous experience in Human Resources, Sales, and Customer Service

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    stephen pic
    Stephen DePue

    Business Development Manager

    • Passionate about local businesses and their people needs; builds relationships
    • Recently married, and learning all about "that stuff"!
    • Strong man of faith; soccer nut
    • Previous experience: Sales, sales management, retail management, customer service

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    monica pic
    Monica Richburg

    Front Office Coordinator

    • Our Ambassador of First Impressions - she rocks the front office, and she's AWESOME! 
    • Knows how to ride a unicycle
    • Previous background: Residential community leasing consultant, youth counselor, very involved in her church; going on mission trip overseas later this summer

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    lori pic
    Lori Rikard

    Payroll & A/R Specialist (Mon-Tue-Wed's)

    • Handles weekly associate payroll, client Excel reports, accountability tracking, others
    • Prides herself on her accuracy and attention to detail
    • Previous background: Administrative pro, marketing distributor, payroll processing
    • She & her husband are involved in church youth ministry, and love to travel

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    Beth Gouin


    • Handles business accounting, team payroll, workers comp & some medical staffing
    • Team mom to our staff, best bud to her pets; thinks most football madness is nuts
    • Loves travel, visiting relatives and anything Great Britain
    • Weakness for lost animals (that somehow end up in their house)

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