Our Staff

  •        Meet our Express Birmingham South team

                   Bruce Sqaure       

                 Bruce Gouin (Owner)               


                    Head janitor & repair man; also client relations and search/direct hire
                   Strong in faith & father of 2 awesome grown kids; happily married for 37 years
                   Regular exerciser to counter a weakness for peanut M&M’s
                  Driving goal – to make a positive impact on people’s lives… and more championships for Michigan

                       Beth Square

                   Beth Gouin (Co Owner)

                    Handles admin/medical/accounting – staffing & direct hire
                   Team mom to our staff, best bud to her pets; thinks most football madness is nuts
                   Loves travel, visiting relatives and anything Great Britain
                   Weakness for lost animals (that somehow end up in their house)          

                Lachelle Square           

                Lachelle Rider       

             Staffing Manager - primarily handles commercial/industrial – staffing & direct hire
             Unflappable – not much stresses her out (except major events with her kids!)
             Previous experience: Administrative, customer service, retail, real estate, small business
            She & husband totally immersed in kids activities at Moody HS (one now at U of A)



                Wendy website         

               Wendy Ingram   


             Team Lead -  Handles commercial/industrial – staffing & direct hire ,job postings, social media, web sites, etc
             Started at front desk – has done every job in office except outside sales & payroll
            Totally owns it – prides herself on learning new things and following through
            Previous experience: Staffing & recruiting, administrative, customer service, inside sales


                Alex Square        

                  Alex Gouin     


                      Handles admin/sales/medical/commercial – staffing & direct hire
                       UNA grad & night-time kickballer
                       Upbeat, positive & enthusiastic… and a total sports nut
                       Previous experience: Sales, sports marketing, customer service, telemarketing                                               


                Monica Square       

                   Monica Futral   


                    Our Ambassador of First Impressions – she rocks the front office, and she’s AWESOME! 
                     Knows how to ride a unicycle
                    Previous background: Residential community leasing consultant, youth counselor,
                    very involved in her church; going on mission trip overseas later this summer


                 Lori Square     

                    Lori Rikard

                   Handles weekly associate payroll, client Excel reports, accountability tracking, others
                   Previous background: Administrative professional, marketing distributor, payroll processing
                   She & her husband are involved in church youth ministry, and love to travel

                   Danielle Dillard Good2     

                   Danielle Dillard


                     Always on the hunt for talent – in a talent-tight market  
                    Mother to three (energetic) boys – has her hands full!
                    When not hunting talent and dealing with the above, loves to cook and read
                    Previous experience: Staffing, customer service, supervisor, administrative