Our Staff

  • Meet Our Team!

    Nikki Schake, Vice President

    Nikki is the self-proclaimed "Lifetime Employee".  She has been with Amy since 2006 and is the winner of the hot dog eating contest, always. 

    April Nawrocki, Senior Employment Specialist

    April rocks high heels and off-roading in her Jeep! She LOVES Toms Shoes, cherry slushies, and Express Associates!

    Brittnie Rodriguez,   Employment Specialist 

    Brittnie loves dancing and snackin on Hot Cheetos!  She'll help you find a great job, too!

    Jocelyn Irizarry, Senior Employment Specialist

    Jocelyn is a part-time amateur wedding planner and a lover of Wendy's Baconator fries.

    Mike Ball, Recruitment Specialist

    Mike looks forward to meeting you at our satellite Pittston location! Be sure to bring tacos!

    Jennifer Mullisky, Recruitment Specialist

    Jenn is a vegetarian who is not a fan of vegetables.  She is also the proud mom of awesome six year old Sonny!  Call her for a phone interview today!

    Jarnelys Mercado, Front Office Coordinator

    Jar always has a cup of tea in hand and is our office neat freak.  She'd love to schedule your appointment to discuss job opportunities!