Our Staff

  • Meet Our Team!

    April Nawrocki, Branch Manager

    April tries to rock high heels daily but keeps a pair of slippers under her desk...She LOVES Taylor Swift, JEEPS, high tops, cherry slushies with Twizzler straws, swimming laps and Express Associates but mostly her team because they are too legit + the best in the biz!

    Jennifer Garcia, Employment Specialist

    Jennifer aka Jenny from the block is the real deal at Express! She loves Hello Kitty + Alani Nu,  plans lunch spots a week in advance, and is sure to get you employed as soon as you walk in the door. She is the long standing WWE champion of handling the busy lobby. Call her today- what are you waiting for?

    Michelle Jimenez,  Employment Specialist

    Michelle likes to spend time with friends but mostly her little dog Luna. She loves reading non-fiction books, traveling to new places, The Office, and doing arts + crafts. She wears many hats at Express including processing payroll- so Michelle really is the one to get you PAID!  Michelle's favorite part about her job is pay day to see all of our amazing associates! She usually has candy to hand out too!

    Valeria Carissa, Employment Specialist

    Valeria is the sweetest and most genuine ES you will ever meet! She loves matcha, fresh Nikes, and battling Jennifer to be the WWE champion- stay tuned on updates!   Her smile is contagious and her favorite thing besides the gym is helping to get you your dream job!