Our Staff

  • Meet Our Team!

    Jocelyn Irizarry, Director Of Recruitment

    Jocelyn has been a vital link to the Express Scranton team since 2011.  She enjoys helping people meet their financial goals by providing them with gainful employment.   Jocelyn is also a professional wedding planner.

    Marianne Moran, Business Developer

    Marianne is a Penn State Alum who loves her puppy Nittany and she is also a PBR finalist from Texas!!!

    Nikki Schake, Director of Community Engagement

    Nikki is the self-proclaimed "Lifetime Employee".  She has been with Amy since 2006 and is the winner of the hot dog eating contest, always. 

    April Nawrocki, Staffing Consultant

    April rocks high heels and off roading in her Jeep! She LOVES Toms Shoes and Cherry slushies!

    Ashley Muriel, Staffing Consultant

    Ashley enjoys long walks on the beach, eating exotic foods, and helping good people find great jobs.  

    Ericka Camacho, Staffing Consultant

    Ericka is our jack of all trades!  She is a bartender, cosmetologist, and dental assistant.  Ask for her a discount, and maybe she'll fix your car too!

    Colin Schake, Front Office Coordinator 

    Colin is the summertime Director of First Impressions.  He loves performing on stage is always excited to travel to NYC!