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    Office Manager

    Dana joined the St. Cloud Express team in September 2016. Due to her hard work and passion for our mission, Dana has been promoted several times and currently focuses on managing our office team while recruiting administrative talent for client companies who are seeking higher-level office skilled individuals in Accounting, Human Resources, Office Administration, and more! Dana is currently participating in the Express Leadership Academy Program presented by our Corporate Office based out of Oklahoma.

    She is dedicated to building lasting relationships with both our client companies, and talent seeking new careers, along with helping her internal team succeed in their own goals.

    In her spare time, Dana likes to read and is part of a book (and wine) club, play volleyball in a rec league and spend time with her 2 nieces and nephew!


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    Front Office Coordinator

    Pamela started with Express in May 2020. She starts every day with a positive attitude and servant leadership heart. Her position is best described as being the first point of contact, both in person and on the phones, and keeping the flow of our office running smoothly. You can count on Pamela to greet you with a warm smile and friendly hello.

    Pamela enjoys assisting Express applicants with their job search efforts. Meanwhile she helps keep everything in our office moving smoothly.

    In her free time, Pamela likes to spend time with family and friends at their lake home. She enjoys boating, jet skiing, yard games and bonfires.


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    Skilled Trades Employment Specialist

    Gwen joined our Express office in May 2021 as an Employment Specialist, working with Commercial clients and associates. We are proud to share Gwen recently achieved a special designation as Skilled Trades Employment Specialist after completing an intense learning program through Express International.  She dedicates her time and energy to placing Skilled Talent in positions such as Forklift Drivers, Welders, CNC Machinists, Maintenance Techs, and the list goes on! 

     Gwen takes great pride in placing candidates in the roles that fit them perfectly and seeing their faces beam with enthusiasm when they are accepted for the position.  

     Gwen spends her free time writing and running a large online community that supports several charities in the area!  


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    Office Service Recruiter

    In October 2021 Jordan joined our Express team in a Recruiter role where she was in charge of recruiting and interviewing Administratively skilled job seekers looking for their next career.  Through this process, she also was able to grow to understand the needs and cultures of the organizations and businesses she was seeking talent for.  As her knowledge base grew, so did her title, and in August she was promoted to an Employment Specialist!

     In this role, Jordan continues to recruit and source talent to fill our Administrative positions, as well as works more hands-on with our client companies looking for the talent she is finding.  She is most fulfilled when she connects a candidate to their perfect career where they can grow professionally and feel valued, and when she finds great talent that is also a culture fit for the organization/business she is recruiting for!

    In her spare-time, she is a planner and organizer. Jordan likes to travel, go to concerts, spending time with her young family, friends, having a glass of wine and some Netflix.  

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    Light Industrial Employment Specialist

    Rachel joined the Express team in September 2022 as an Employment Specialist, and currently works with clients and associates in our Commercial/Industrial sector.  The focus of Rachel's role is to assist the staffing need of our business/organization clients and to recruit the perfect talent to match their business needs.  She does this by really getting to know and understand the job seeker she is working with both with their preferences and their exact skillset to ensure a good match for both parties.

     Rachel enjoys meeting people of different cultures and learning the skills each individual has - asking probing questions to really get to know them and offer resources where she can.  She believes the best way to help someone is to understand the walk of life they are on and what needs they have.

     Rachel enjoys spending time with family and being there for each one of them.  Just as important though is her self-care in the form of retail therapy! She is also the director of Next Step program where she assists in fulfilling the needs of program participants, as well as focusing on the growth of her self-owned LLC.

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