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    Building Relationships.

    Our Express employment agency in Thousand Oaks puts people into all types of jobs within three blossoming industries in the Ventura County region. From temp jobs in Thousand Oaks to long-term employment, our staff certain we can find the perfect position for you and help you achieve any employment goals you have set out for yourself. We care about the well-being of our local Job Seekers and by making us your preferred job office, you are choosing to work with a team of certified specialists who live along side of you and want you to fulfill all your goals!

  • Opening Doors. Finding Opportunity.

    Since 2007, Express Thousand Oaks has provided employment assistance to the job hunters of Ventura County, and we can do the same for you. There are plenty of job opportunities in Thousand Oaks just waiting for you to claim, but as our team knows, as hard as finding jobs in Thousand Oaks is it's even harder to find the best one. Using our hiring process our team will interview you and collect information on the skills you currently have, what kind of work you're looking for, and what you hope will come out of your next employment opportunity. Regardless of what you are seeking, the Express Thousand Oaks team will take all the time necessary to find quality work for you. Count on us to fulfill your employment needs and we'll open doors for you!

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    Our recruitment company in Thousand Oaks offers work placements that cover a variety of different hiring needs from: Short-Term, Long-term, Temporary, Direct Hire, Evaluation Hire, and Contract. As  one of the leading HR services in Thousand Oaks, it is our duty to make sure our Job Seekers and Associates have as many types of jobs available to them. We are here for you and there is no reason to make the journey to employment by yourself. We are experts and want you to utilize us to help you reach your full potential in whatever area of work you choose. 

  • Some of the Most Commonly Asked Questions We Receive

    What industries do you make job placements in?

    • Office Services
    • Light Industrial
    • Professional

    Do you only help people looking for work in Thousand Oaks?

    Our office is located in Thousand Oaks, but we also find jobs in and for people in Moorpark, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, Newbury Park, and Simi Valley.

    If I get offered a position by one of your clients do I have to accept it?

    There is absolutely no obligation to accept any job offers that you feel do not line up with what you're looking for. We have plenty of other job opportunities in Thousand Oaks and surrounding towns so if you aren't satisfied we will get back to work and find more for you!


    Does Express provide benefits of any kind?

    We do! Finding work with our Express office means that you will gain access to a number of high quality benefits and compensation packages. Visit our Employee Benefits page to see a more detailed list of what we can offer you.


    I submitted an application to you and I haven't been called in for an interview yet. Why is that?

    We want to get people to work as fast as we can while holding up the standard of excellence Express offices all over are known for and the best way for us to do that is to make placements for jobs that are more urgent first and then go on from there. If the job you're applying for isn't available yet, we wouldn't want to call you in for an interview before the position is ready to be filled. While you wait for an interview, we suggest that you keep up with our website for new updates, follow our social media for useful blogs and videos to help you prepare to knock an interview out of the park, and sign up for Express' Job Genius newsletter which will also provide relevant Job Seeker advise!


    I haven't heard from your office about work in awhile?

    We haven't forgotten about you -- we promise! It can get a little busy in the office and but we are working tirelessly to help you get back to work. As a way to help us help you, please submit your Associate Availability once a week, at least, to let us know you are still seeking work.


    If you have any more concerns or questions that were not addressed here, head over to our FAQ page to see if we have answered it there or contact us directly and we will answer them as best as we can!

  • Our mission is to guide you to your next employment opportunity!

    Our recruitment company never charges our Job Seekers and Associates for utilizing our Express services when seeking work in Ventura County. Employers are the only ones who have to pay but only after you have successfully been hired!

    So bear in mind - you don't have to look for quality employment on your own. Our employment experts are available and ready to help you get back to work as soon as you're ready!
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    Types of Jobs

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    Hiring Process

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    Employee Benefits

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