Tyler Express Staff

  • Kelly Jenkinson 1
    Kelly Jenkinson

    Director of Industrial and Skilled Trades

    Kelly joined the Express team in June of 2004. She has worked in the customer service industry for over 15 years with management experience. Kelly is a proud mother of two young men and a grandmother to two amazing young ladies. "I love my job! No day is ever the same and to know that I make a difference in peoples lives is a powerful feeling."

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    Jessi Tena
    Jessi Tena

    Industrial Employment Specialist

    Jessi originally worked at Express in 2007 and rejoined the team in March of 2018. She is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Finance and is expected to graduate in 2020. She has 3 kids - ages 9, 14, and 18.

    Jessi loves helping people and this is what draws her to Express. She also loves the work family here at Express! 

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    Natalie Joles

    Industrial Employment Specialist

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    Chris Ervin

    Industrial Employment Specialist

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    Blake Nelson
    Blake Nelson

    Industrial Employment Specialist

    Blake joined the great Express team in January of 2019. Having previous experience working in the industrial field, he really enjoys working with clients and associates to find the right fit of top talent for our clients. For Blake, there is no greater reward than being able to help people, and impact businesses to grow. 

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    Brooke Longino
    Brooke Longino

    Industrial Employment Specialist

    Brooke joined the Express family in October 2019 and has been helping people better themselves and building relationships with clients and associates since 2011.  Born and raised in East Texas, Brooke and her family like to participate in outdoor hobbies.  If they are not at the ball field, they are usually camping.  What Brook loves most about staffing is being able to watch people gain hope for a better life after finding employment

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    Roger Purdy
    Roger Purdy

    Skilled Trades Specialist

    Roger worked as a Human Resources Manager for the federal government for over 15 years. During that time he supervised a staff and recruited for blue, white and grey collar jobs. He served 5 years in the Marine Corps and moved to Tyler to be closer to his family. He enjoys spending time with his family, dog and live concerts.  He loves to help people and that love is why he joined the Express Team and fuels his desire to help the client and associate achieve their full potential.  Semper Fidelis.

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    Shane Melton

    Skilled Trades Specialist

    Shane is a seasoned executive, leader and strategist.  Gifted in project management, operations management and strategic implementation.  He has worn many hats throughout his career as an entrepreneur and successful business owner.  With his experience in managing multi-disciplinary projects and his ability to navigate complex challenges, Shane looks forward to using his diverse background to serve both associates and clients with the team at Express.


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    Wes Wilson
    Wes Wilson

    Skilled Trades Recruiter

    Wesley joined the Express team in June 2019 as a Marketing and Professional Selling intern. In August, he transitioned into a recruiter for the Skilled Trades team. He will graduate in December 2020 with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from the University of Texas in Tyler. Looking to own a real estate business in Houston in the future, he's taking the steps now to be able to plan for that! Dave Ramsey has played a major role in his life as Financial Peace University has completely changed his life. Common topics of discussion include personal finance, the Houston Astros and the Dallas Cowboys. Business is his passion, and he loves learning as much as he can from leaders and mentors in his life.

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    Kirsti Teague

    Skilled Trades Recruiter

    I was born and raised in the Tyler area. Enjoy spending time with my family, husband Cory and son Raylan. I love being a part of the Express team, we all have the same goals, which is to help people and make a difference in their lives, whether it be associate or client! 

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    Patricia Guevara

    Director of Administrative Staffing

    Patricia joined the Express team in February of 2015 and enjoys being a part of this great group of professionals. She moved to Tyler from Itasca, TX in 2009 and is actively involved with her community. She enjoys helping Express associates with their job search as well as helping Express clients with all of their staffing needs.

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    Tabitha Wagnon

    Administrative Employment Specialist

    Tabitha started with Express in July of 2018. She went to school for Occupational Therapy in hopes of positively impacting people every single day. She chose to divert her career, but not her love for helping people. She has a Goldendoodle named Leddie that tends to be the office therapy dog during those long days of work! It does not take a lot to make her smile. She enjoys short trips to Andy's and long runs after work! She takes pride in teaching her new Dutch teammate proper "Texas English". YEE-HAW!


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    Whitney Wright

    Administrative Employment Specialist

    Whitney joined Express in January of 2021. Being born and raised in East Texas, she has made it her mission to help as many businesses and job seekers succeed as possible. Whitney thinks of East Texas as one big family. Traditionally, families love one another, care for each other and help members of the family when in need. She is looking forward to servicing this East Texas family for years to come. "I feel very blessed to be apart of such a wonderful group of professionals whose mission is to help put over a million people to work! How can WE help YOU?"  


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    Adam Morrow USE
    Adam Morrow

    Director of Sales and Recruiting

    Adam joined the Express team in June 2011 after moving to Tyler from Lubbock, TX. With years in the "people business" as a college minister, he brings a wealth of experience with and passion for people to his role at Express. "It is such a privilege to intersect people at a point of need, whether they are business people or job seekers. I love having the opportunity to bring people together in these times to turn a time of need into an opportunity for success!"

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    Melvin Paige
    Melvin Paige

    Professional Recruiter – Accounting, Finance, HR

    Melvin joined the Express team in July of 2019. He has several years' experience in customer service and is passionate about helping others succeed. He is excited to be a part of Express team helping clients grow their business and associates find careers they love. 


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    Sarah Kniffen
    Sarah Kniffen

    Professional Recruiter – Accounting, Finance, HR

    Sarah joined the Express team in September 2019. She has been in the staffing Industry for over 8 years.  Becoming a part of the Express team has been the best experience and she is proud to work here.  In her free time her and husband, Justin stay busy with their three children Mallory, Brady, and Brock. 


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    Ginger Thompson
    Ginger Thompson

    Professional Recruiter-Engineering/IT

    Ginger joined the Express team in February of 2020. She has worked in business operations for over 17 years building teams and providing top notch customer experiences. Born and raised in Tyler, Ginger understands the value of building long term relationships and is passionate about helping others become successful. "I'm excited to be a part of the Express professional team because I'm able to match top-performing and rising professionals with great companies."


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    Sam Smith

    Professional Recruiter-Engineering/IT

    Sam joined the Express team in March 2021. He and his wife Tina have lived in the Tyler area since his discharge from the Marine Corps in 2000. His two daughters, Emma and Lucy are the joys of his life. Sam's ultimate passion is helping people find happiness by connecting them with outstanding employers.


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    n gregory
    Nick Gregory

    Professional Recruiter – Accounting, Finance, HR

    Joined the team in March 2021.  He has worked in the healthcare industry for the last 18 years with management experience.  He also is a home inspector.  Nick is a proud husband, and father of two, (son is 19, and daughter 9). He has a French Bulldog named Coco, nickname Coco Loco because he is crazy. He enjoys helping people and seeing them have success in their careers.  


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    Kelsey Mundt Blackwood

    Recruiting Coordinator

    Kelsey joined Express in November 2020. She graduated with her Bachelors in Business Administration with a specialization in Human Resources in 2021. Her goal wherever she goes is to positively help others in any way she can! She is passionate about the impact she makes in people's lives and excited to help you get you where you want to be in your career! 


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    Tara Hays
    Tara Hays

    Business Relationship Manager

    Tara joined Express in March 2019 and moved to Tyler in 2009 from the small town of Bogata, Texas. Tara is happily married to Brian Hays, Owner of Patriot Restaurant Delivery. They have 2 beautiful children, Hannah Kate and Barron Hays. Having lived in Tyler for 10 years, Tara is so excited to bring value to all businesses in the Tyler area. 


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    Jenny Wilson4
    Jenny Wilson

    Business Relationship Manager

    Jenny joined Express August 2020.  She has always loved to help people, from teaching Math to helping business owners with their technology needs.  Now she is getting to help great people find opportunities with great companies to grow their careers. I am so excited to join Express Employment Professionals and be part of a company that strives to provide the best customer service to our community.   


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    Javier Arriaga 1
    Javier Arriaga

    Front Office Coordinator

    Javier joined the Express team in January 2010. He is an exceptional interpreter and very personal individual. He enjoys helping individuals locate great employment by helping employers connect with great candidates!

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    Brandi roberts
    Brandi Roberts

    Front Office Coordinator

    Brandi has worked as an Office Manager and in Customer Service for the last 25 years. She enjoys spending time with her husband and children, church activities, and making crafts. Brandi is very passionate about helping others become successful and feel's very blessed and excited to be a part of the Express Team. 


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    deanna carmichael
    Deanna Carmichael


    Deanna joined the Express team in February of 2019. Deanna moved to the Tyler area from Colorado in 2018 and is loving Texas. Her favorite thing about Express is being part of a team who is passionate about what they do.

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    Jennifer Johns

    Administrative Assistant

    Jennifer joined the Express team in June 2020. She moved to Tyler in 2006 to go to college and has never left. She and her husband Clay have two beautiful girls Kaitlyn and Kinleigh and enjoy spending lots of time together as a family. Jennifer loves to help others and is excited to be a part of the Express team!  


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    Susan Suarez

    Recruiting Specialist

     Susan was raised in a Christian home in her motherland, Peru. She moved to Texas in 2006 for Highschool as an exchange student in Kingwood. She later moved back to Peru to finish school and visit Machu-Picchu. Her heart brought her back to Texas in 2009. Susan is always willing to help and be kind to people, putting others 1 st and helping the community. She enjoys art & sewing in her spare time, you can see art pieces she helped put together in the heart of Tyler "Wings of Tyler". She loves her family and work family and would love to help put you to work. 

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    Lindsay m
    Lindsay McGlaun

    Recruiting Specialist

    Lindsay joined the Express team May 2020. She came to Express with a background in residential home drafting. "I love design, but helping the people in our community has always been my true passion. I am excited to expand on that in a new and fulfilling role".


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    Emily Geddie

    Recruiting Specialist

    Emily joined the Express team in January 2021. Born and raised in the East Texas area, she is eager to build professional relationships with new associates and local businesses. Graduating from Baylor University, with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, she uses her marketing skills to recruit new associates and grow our team. She is thrilled to help her community and be part of such an amazing group of professionals.


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    Michealle Garcia

    Recruiting Specialist

    Michealle joined Express in April 2021. As a member of the recruiting center, her job is to bring in new associates and grow our team. She enjoys spending time with family, trying new restaurants, and traveling. She is so excited to be apart of the Express Employment Family!

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    Kristie Bonnell 1
    Kristie Bonnell

    Chief Experience Officer

    Kristie joined the Express team in March of 2003. "My passion is helping people, whether it's a business that is in need of staffing services or a person looking for a work opportunity. My goal at the end of each day is to be able to say that I was a blessing to someone today."

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