Tyler Express Staff

  • Chris E 23
    Chris Ervin

    Industrial Employment Specialist

     Chris joined the Express family in 2020 and has developed a passion for placing the right people at the right jobs. Outside of working at Express, you can find Chris coaching his son’s football league for Whitehouse, spending time with friends, family, and his cat. Chris is a proud East Texan and enjoys being involved in the community and learning about upcoming development and growth happening in Tyler. Chris’ outgoing personality makes sure that the everyone involved in staffing process has a great experience. Don’t worry about feeling like a stranger when you walk into Express, because Chris strives to get to know each and every person and you will leave feeling like family!


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    Latisha 23
    Latisha Calhoun

    Industrial Employment Specialist

    Latisha joined the Express family in May 2022 and has been striving to help those in the East Texas area since 2011. Born and raised in East Texas, Latisha is happily married to Greg Calhoun and loves spending her free time with family, especially her grandson Axel. When not at work or with family, more than likely you will find Latisha with her camera in hand, on a photo shoot. The greatest takeaway from this job, is watching those come in with little hope but then leaving with a smile on their face, knowing that there is still hope out there. 


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    Chris R 23
    Christopher Ramirez

    Industrial Employment Specialist

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    Anthony 23
    Anthony Silva

    Industrial Employment Specialist

    Anthony Joined the Express team in September 2022. He was born and raised in East Texas and has years of experience in sales and customer service. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, or traveling with his wife and 2 kids. He has always loved helping people every chance he gets and is glad to have joined the Express Team who shares the same values and goals. 


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    Roger 23
    Roger Purdy

    Senior Skilled Trades Specialist

    Roger worked as a Human Resources Manager for the federal government for over 15 years. During that time he supervised a staff and recruited for blue, white and grey collar jobs. He served 5 years in the Marine Corps and moved to Tyler to be closer to his family. He enjoys spending time with his family, dog and live concerts.  He loves to help people and that love is why he joined the Express Team and fuels his desire to help the client and associate achieve their full potential.  Semper Fidelis.

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    Connor 23
    Connor Myers

    Skilled Trades Specialist

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    Ashton Griffin

    Skilled Trades Specialist

     Ashton Griffin, a proud East Texas native, is a man of faith, family, and adventure. He serves his church, cherishes his wife and three children, and finds joy in the great outdoors. With an unwavering dedication to his faith, a loving family by his side, and a genuine zest for life, Ashton Griffin embodies the values of compassion, resilience, and an unwavering spirit.


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    Michealle 23
    Michealle Garcia

    Skilled Trades Recruiting Specialist

    Michealle joined Express back in April of 2021. She is so excited to be a part of the Express Employment Family! As a member of the recruiting center, her goal is to help as many as she can by bringing them in to find good jobs to provide for them and their families.


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    Eduardo Alonso

    Skilled Trades Recruiting Specialist

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    Whitney 23
    Whitney Wright

    Administrative Employment Specialist/ Team Lead

    Whitney joined Express in January of 2021. She was born and raised in East Texas and has several years of Marketing and Sales experience. Whitney has made it her mission to serve as many businesses and job seekers as possible. During free time, Whitney enjoys spending time with her family, friends and her pup, Shuggs! She loves making new friends and volunteering in our community. “Helping others makes my heart beat a little faster. It fills my cup more than anything else. I believe that that’s what we were created to do. I look forward to serving you in anyway we can!” 


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    Chloe Burleson

    Administrative Employment Specialist

     Chloe started her internship with Express in January 2023. Growing up in East Texas has been a huge blessing to Chloe and her time at Express has made her excited to get to work and serve the community even more once she graduates from UT Tyler in April 2023. Her goal at Express is to add value wherever she can and help as many people as possible!


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    Adam 23
    Adam Morrow

    Director of Sales and Recruiting

    Adam joined the Express team in June 2011 after moving to Tyler from Lubbock, TX. With years in the "people business" as a college minister, he brings a wealth of experience with and passion for people to his role at Express. "It is such a privilege to intersect people at a point of need, whether they are business people or job seekers. I love having the opportunity to bring people together in these times to turn a time of need into an opportunity for success!"

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    Sarah 23
    Sarah Kniffen

    Senior Specialized Recruiter – Accounting, Finance, HR

    Sarah joined the team in September 2019. She is a Professional Recruiter for Express Employment Professionals’ Specialized Recruiting Group where she connects Accounting, Finance, and HR professionals with companies in the Greater Tyler area. Becoming a part of the Express team has been the best experience and she is proud to work here  She brings over 12 years of Staffing experience to her role with Express.  Sarah is a member of the Rose City SHRM chapter, and serves as VP of Technology.  In her free time, Sarah and her husband, Justin stay busy with their three children Mallory, Brady, and Brock.   


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    Cristian 23
    Cristian Hooper

    Professional Recruiter- IT, Engineering, and Manufacturing

     Cristian joined the Specialist Recruiting Group at Express at the beginning of January 2023. He has lived in Tyler his whole life and enjoys that he can’t go anywhere without seeing someone he knows. He values spending time with his wife and his son above all else. Cristian is thrilled to serve the community that has given him more than he could have asked for!


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    Josh Trammel

    Professional Recruiter- Accounting & HR

    Josh joined the Express team in June of 2023. He grew up in Longview, but has become a Tyler native over the past decade. He is a proud husband to Hannah, and dad to three beautiful daughters Annakate, Maggie, and Tate. Josh is passionate about connecting with people and is grateful that every day he is able to use that passion to serve those in East Texas who come to Express looking to find a job, or helping clients find the right candidate for their business. Outside of Express, Josh leads worship for the contemporary service at Marvin Methodist Church in downtown Tyler and is also a part of the Tyler Chamber of Commerce contact club. In his spare time, he occasionally gets in a round of golf, but typically you will find him at the lake with his family or doing activities that girl dads are prone to.

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    Darby 23
    Darby Scheffer

    Specialized Recruiting Coordinator

     Darby joined the Express team in August 2023. She moved to East Texas from Washington State in 2021. She enjoys traveling with her husband, surfing and spending time at home with her family, friends & 4 dogs. She loves helping others and is excited to be a part of the Express team!


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    Tara 23
    Tara Hays

    Business Relationship Manager/Team lead

    Tara joined Express in March 2019 and moved to Tyler in 2009 from the small town of Bogata, Texas. Tara has 2 beautiful children, Hannah Kate and Barron Hays. Having lived in Tyler for 10 years, Tara is so excited to bring value to all businesses in the Tyler area. 


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    Nathan K
    Nathan Kuehn

    Business Relationship Manager

     Nathan joined the Express team in August of 2023. After growing up in Tyler, he spent a few years away attending The University of Arkansas. He enjoys meeting new people and spending time with family and friends. Nathan is beyond excited to be back in East Texas to serve businesses in the Tyler area!


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    Javier 23
    Javier Arriaga

    Front Office Coordinator

    Javier joined the Express team in January 2010. He is an exceptional interpreter and very personal individual. He enjoys helping individuals locate great employment by helping employers connect with great candidates!

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    Crystal 23
    Crystal Gray

    Front Office Coordinator

    Crystal joined the Express family early in 2022. Born and raised in East Texas, Crystal and her family love spending time together whether it is making a trip to Target or playing at the park. Helping others is a passion of Crystal's and Express is the perfect place to allow her to continue and grow in her passion. 


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    Kirsti 23
    Kirsti Teague

    Payroll Director

    I was born and raised in the Tyler area. Enjoy spending time with my family, husband Cory and son Raylan. I love being a part of the Express team, we all have the same goals, which is to help people and make a difference in their lives, whether it be associate or client! 



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    Jennifer 23
    Jennifer Johns

    Executive Assistant/Support Team Lead

    Jennifer joined the Express team in June 2020. She moved to Tyler in 2006 to go to college and has never left. She and her husband Clay have two beautiful girls Kaitlyn and Kinleigh and enjoy spending lots of time together as a family. Jennifer loves to help others and is excited to be a part of the Express team!  


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    Angie Estrada

    Team Leader- Regional Recruiting Center

    Angelina joined the Express family in February of 2023. She is excited to be part of the mission of getting one million people to work. Outside of working at Express, you will find Angelina volunteering at her church, mentoring teens, participating in 5k’s, and spending time with friends and family. 

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    Desiree 23
    Desiree Aguirre

    Senior Recruiting Specialist

     Desiree joined the Express team in February of 2022. Born and raised in East Texas, she previously dabbled in timeshare contracts and customer service. Her goal has always been to provide the best opportunities for you. "Raising my two boys in the area I grew up in has been amazing."

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    Miranda Correa

    Recruiting Specialist

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    Rayna Shirey

    Recruiting Specialist

     I began my journey with Express in July of 2023, and I am striving to help all job seeking individuals. I am so excited to see where my journey with Express takes me and I look forward to having a family through Express. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, and I strive to continually make a difference in other people lives.  In my spare time you can find me with my significant other Chris, cuddled up on the couch with our fur baby Justice watching Netflix.


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    Kristie 23
    Kristie Bonnell-Maatouk

    Chief Experience Officer/Director of Light Industrial and Skilled Trades Division

    Kristie joined the Express team in March of 2003. "My passion is helping people, whether it's a business that is in need of staffing services or a person looking for a work opportunity. My goal at the end of each day is to be able to say that I was a blessing to someone today."

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