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  • Employment Services in Lindale

    Tyler, TX - June 02, 2022

    Employment Services in Lindale | Express Employment Professionals Tyler If you've been paying attention to the job market these days, you've probably heard about a phenomenon referred to as the Great Resignation. After the first wave of the pandemic caused massive turnover and job losses, the employment market took an intriguing turn. Workers started to abandon their jobs in pursuit of better work, and in 2021 the "quit rate"  hit a high that hadn't been seen in two decades. If you, like thousands of Americans, are searching for a better employment situation right now, our employment services in Lindale can help you make the career change you're hoping for.

    What's Propelling the Great Resignation? 

    The Pew Research Center has made an attempt to learn more about why Americans are making the hard decision to leave their jobs. Below are some of the results achieved through a broad poll of Americans who put in their resignation in 2021:

    • Many people are dissatisfied with low pay and have been willing to look elsewhere for employment due to this factor.
    • Limited possibilities for promotion within the same company have caused many to seek out work with better opportunities for advancement.
    • Survey respondents often reported feeling disrespected by their employers, which influenced their final decision to quit.
    • Scheduling flexibility issues and difficulties with child care are also playing a role in the Great Resignation.

    In addition to the above factors, the survey also revealed that the majority of respondents felt finding a new job was not a challenge. In fact, nearly a third reported this task as being quite easy. Moreover, the majority of respondents claimed that their new work situation was an improvement over the one they left in 2021.

    Our Employment Services in Lindale Can Help You Find Better Work 

    At Express Employment Professionals Buffalo, we understand that you want to find well-paid work with an employer who respects and values what you do. You can trust us to take your scheduling preferences and career ambitions into account as we help you level up your employment situation and take advantage of current trends in the labor market. 

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