Our Job Agency in Athens: Answering Common Interview Questions

  • Our Job Agency in Athens: Answering Common Interview Questions

    Tyler, TX - December 11, 2020

    Our Job Agency in Athens | Express Employment Professionals Tyler Most people enter the job interview like it's a test. At our job agency, we understand how tough it is when you don't know what an interviewer is looking for. When we work with job-seekers in Athens, our firm always tries to demystify the job search process. When you know what's expected of you, it's easier to approach the interview with confidence and clarity. 

    Whether you're interviewing for an entry-level position or a management-track job, it's always worthwhile to take a bit of time to prepare in advance. You don't want your answers to sound canned, but you don't want to be fumbling in the moment, either. Here are a few tips from our team at Express Employment Professionals Tyler & Athens.  

    How To Answer 3 Common Interview Questions 

    All too often, job-seekers in Athens try to anticipate what an interviewer wants to hear, rather than answering honestly. You're walking a fine line during a job interview: you want to be forthright, but you also want to be professional. Here's how our job agency recommends you answer these 3 common questions:

    • Can you tell us about yourself?  Your interviewer is typically looking to learn about your career track thus far. You'll want to let them know how long you've been in this industry, explaining how you made the leap (whether from school or another industry). Highlight your work, accomplishments, and what you find exciting about your work. 
    • Why are you leaving your current job?  You can be honest here, but do avoid complaining or sounding unprofessional. Find a polite, positive way to convey your reason. For example: if you felt like you were being overlooked, try saying your previous role didn't offer a chance for advancement. 
    • Where do you see yourself in five years? You want to show you won't stagnate in this role-and that your ambitions match the responsibilities and expectations of the job. Focus on how you see yourself improving, perhaps by gaining extra credentials or certification. It's OK if you want to advance to a higher role, but be clear and realistic about what this would look like.   

    Get Career Support From Our Job Agency in Athens 

    At Express Employment Professionals Tyler, we're committed to helping you find work on your terms. You can get comprehensive career support with our job agency, no matter where you're located, including: 

    • Athens
    • Tyler
    • Henderson
    • Palestine
    • Lindale
    • Jacksonville 
    • And throughout the surrounding area

    Get hands-on support finding your next job in Athens. To learn more about our job agency, call Express Employment Professionals Tyler & Athens at  (903) 592-9999 .