3 Tips For Taking Charge of Your 2019 Job Search in Walla Walla

  • 3 Tips For Taking Charge of Your 2019 Job Search in Walla Walla

    Walla Walla, WA - January 16, 2019

    Job Search in Walla Walla | Express Pros

    When you're looking for work, it's easy to take the first job that comes your way. But what if you tried to find a job you love? At Express Employment Professionals Walla Walla, we know that job satisfaction can help you stay at a position longer, can contribute to a feeling of well-being, and can help you excel at the work you do. It's one of the many reasons we try to match job-seekers with jobs that fit their goals, skill set, and even their personality. When it comes to your job search this year, here's a few tips to help you find a job in Walla Walla that you enjoy.   

    How To Jumpstart Your Job Search in Walla Walla For 2019

    Ready to jumpstart your 2019 job search in Walla Walla? Here's what you should be thinking about before and during the process: 

    • Know what you have to offer.  Take a day to think about what you have to offer a company: what skills, expertise, and training you can bring to the table. Ask yourself how you've proven yourself at previous jobs. Be sure to ask friends, peers, and other people who may be able to provide valuable feedback on your strengths. Knowing this information before you start your job search can be invaluable in understanding what Walla Walla area jobs are right for you.  
    • Make sure you know what you want. Just as important as knowing what you have is knowing what you want. You don't have to know your career goals for the future-just ask yourself what type of job environment you'd like to work in. Ask yourself: what has worked well at previous jobs? What hasn't? This will help you when you're reviewing Walla Walla area companies on your job search. 
    • Take advantage of available resources.  When you're looking for work, the resources you have available can make all the difference to your job search in Walla Walla. For example, if you feel like you don't have strong contacts in your industry, Express Employment Professionals Walla Walla can help. We've built strong relationships with exceptional companies across all sectors in Walla Walla, College Place and Milton-Freewater. We can be a vital resource to help you find the work you want. 

    To browse job openings, visit Express Employment Professionals Walla Walla online-or call (509) 522-1326 to have one of our team help you with your job search.