• Our Team at Walla Walla Express

    Our Walla Walla Express Team is here to help you, your business, or your career succeed. We promise that, through the use of our comprehensive strategy, we will deliver the right workers to the right business at the right time! Remember, Job Seekers never pay a fee for our services and Employers only pay when we make a successful candidate placement.

  • Stephanie Robertson - Administrative Staffing Specialist

    Stephanie Robertson, Administrative Staffing Specialist

    Stephanie is the Administrative Staffing Specialist at Express Employment Professionals in Walla Walla, WA. She works with business owners and managers in the valley helping them to not only find the talent they need by understanding the required skill set & experience needed, but also by having a good understanding of the culture of their company.

    She interviews and recruits daily, keeping a strong pool of Associates and is able to utilize her strong network of resources. She is happy to go that extra mile ensuring the perfect fit.

    Angela Harting - Industrial Staffing Specialist

    Angela Harting, Industrial Staffing Specialist

    Angela is our office's Industrial Staffing Specialist. She works with business owners & managers in the valley to help them to find the talent they need to get the job done. Angela takes the time to understand the required skill set & experience needed so the job is done well with a good understanding of the company’s culture.

    On a regular day, Angela interviews and recruits to make sure her clients have someone at the ready when they have a need for either extra resources or a replacement to fill a vacancy .

    She takes great pride in helping her clients get the resources they need and helping people get a job that they need.

    Meg Keltzer - Front Office Coordinator

    Meg Keltzer, Front Office Coordinator

    Meg Keltzer is the Front Office Coordinator and Talent Acquisition Specialist for our office. She has spent her entire career in customer care, and provides world class service to everyone she encounters. Meg assists our applicants in preparing themselves for successful interviews, and guiding them through the Express Experience. She is always available to answer questions, schedule a meet-and-greet with one of our staffing specialists, or provide more information about the jobs listed on our website.

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