Find Light Industrial Jobs in Walla Walla Today

  • Find Light Industrial Jobs in Walla Walla Today

    Walla Walla, WA - December 05, 2018

    Light Industrial Jobs in Walla Walla | Express Pros Do you work best when you're on your feet? Are you comfortable working independently and with a team? You may want to consider applying for light industrial jobs in Walla Walla. When you think of industrial positions, you might think of heavy, noisy machinery. But light industrial jobs are placements in textiles, plastics, the food industry, and producing other smaller consumer goods. At Express Employment Professionals Walla Walla, we've spent 25 years building strong relationships with light industrial companies in Walla Walla, Milton, and Freewater. That means we can help connect great candidates like you with jobs in Walla Walla and across the region. 

    How To Tell If You're A Good Candidate For Light Industrial Jobs in Walla Walla

    What makes a solid candidate for light industrial jobs in Walla Walla? The good news is that these positions can be great for entry-level workers who are still building their resumes since they don't always require you to have extensive experience or training. Placements often involve some physical labor, so it's important that you're capable of standing, walking, and lifting for long periods of time. Since you're often completing highly specific tasks, an ideal candidate will have great attention to detail, a strong ability to multi-task, and the ability to work quickly. Typical job requirements might include the following: 

    • Great work ethic 
    • Comfortable lifting 20-40 lbs 
    • Capable of performing tasks that require excellent hand-eye coordination
    • Able to read and do simple math
    • Prior experience working in a factory/manufacturing setting is a plus 

    How We Can Help You Find Light Industrial Jobs in Walla Walla

    At Express Employment Professionals Walla Walla, we work closely with job-seekers to help you launch the career you want. We know that the job hunt can be a difficult process. That's why we've made it simple and easy for individuals to apply with us. Our job openings are updated regularly, so you know what light industrial jobs are available in Walla Walla. You can set up an application on our website, browse jobs, and apply for positions, all from the comfort of your home. Our team will connect with you to get a better understanding of your job goals, to verify your prior employment, and to find work that will be meaningful for you. 

    Get hired fast, with help from Express Employment Professionals Walla Walla. Call (509) 522-1326 or online to connect with one of our Walla Walla representatives, and to learn more about applying for light industrial jobs.