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    Paige Fortson

    Sr. Office Services Employment Specialist

    Paige brings four years of experience as a Recruiting Specialist, along with a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations and Mass Communications from Loras College. Her exceptional communication skills, both within teams and with job seekers, make her a highly valued asset. Paige's infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude brighten any environment she enters. Eager to contribute her expertise to the Waukegan area, Paige is thrilled to match job seekers with local businesses through Office Services.

    Paige is a spirited individual who delights in discovering new cities, immersing herself in the rhythm of live concerts, and creating lasting memories with her adored niece and nephew

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    Lynette Arroyo
    Lynette Arroyo

    Industrial Recruiter

    Lynette joined the Express team in May, bringing a wealth of experience in manufacturing and warehouse management, spanning over 10 years in manufacturing and 7 years in customer service. Her unwavering commitment to clients, candidates, and associates drives her to meticulously analyze business models, ensuring flawless placements and exceptional client satisfaction.

    When not immersed in the world of recruitment, Lynette cherishes time spent with her husband and children, embarking on outdoor adventures together. They relish exhilarating ATV rides, explore scenic recreational parks, and create lasting memories amidst nature's embrace.

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    Isabel Trujillo

    Skilled Trades Recruiter

    Joining the Express team in 2023, Isabel brought with her four years of experience in the staffing and recruiting industry. She is dedicated to fostering strong relationships with clients, applicants, and associates, always striving to be a valuable resource for their staffing and employment needs. Isabel's expertise and commitment make her an integral part of the Express team.

    Isabel enjoys her free time by spending quality moments with her family. During the summer months, she delights in taking her son to the park, where they engage in joyful activities amidst the vibrant outdoors. When not enjoying nature's embrace, Isabel finds fulfillment in shopping, indulging in her love for fashion and discovering unique treasures.

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    Natalie Neeve

    Business Development Representative

    For over two decades, Natalie has woven a tapestry of success from threads of customer service excellence and sales savvy. Her career is a testament to building trust, securing loyalty, and exceeding expectations.

    Natalie is a master negotiator, a retention magician, and a champion of collaboration. Her time at Advanced Disposal wasn't just decorated with plaques (Employee of the Year 2012, Sales Rep of the Year 2018) – it was a testament to her ability to nurture major accounts and inspire teamwork.

    But beyond the boardroom, Natalie's heart beats to the rhythm of family and adventure. When not crafting deals, she's carving snowy trails on her snowmobile or conquering open roads on her motorcycle. In summer, it's all about ATVs and adrenaline.

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    Kelly Headshot
    Kelly Davis

    Inside Sales Coordinator

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    Esme Delgadillo
    Esmeralda Delgadillo

    Payroll Coordinator

    Esmeralda brings over a decade of branch management and customer service experience to her role as Payroll Coordinator. A devoted animal lover and proud mom to two adorable bulldogs, Esmeralda is passionate about helping others, extending her care to her associates by ensuring their timecards are handled accurately and efficiently.

    When not meticulously ensuring payroll accuracy, Esmeralda immerses herself in the vibrant world of music. As an avid hiker, she relishes exploring the scenic trails of Starved Rock State Park, embarking on invigorating adventures two to three times a year amidst the park's breathtaking natural beauty. And when the temperatures drop and winter casts its spell, Esmeralda embraces the cozy ambiance of the season, finding solace in its tranquil charm.

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    Gricel I Garcia

    Front Office Coordinator

    Gricel joins us with 18 years of Customer Service experience in Healthcare. She is grateful for her previous experiences, which has helped her gain knowledge and contribute to our office’s success. She values continuous learning and takes pride to be part of a dedicated team of professionals, who provide exceptional customer service. You can always count on her being ready to greet you when you arrive for your scheduled interview. Building relationships and making everyone feel welcomed is her top priority, ensuring that everyone she interacts with has a positive experience. She is eager to meet and assist you!

    Quality time with her family is important to Gricel. Together they enjoy sports, traveling, exploring museums, and all things superheroes. She is also an animal lover who enjoys spending time with her pets Gigi, Zeus, Rockey, and Ori. On her spare time she enjoys bonfires, live music, reading books, and watching documentaries.

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    Cyndy Parada
    Cyndy Parada

    Lead Healthcare Recruiter

    Cyndy brings a wealth of experience to Express, having worked in HR for two years before transitioning into recruiting. Her passion for connecting with individuals and finding their ideal placements aligns perfectly with her role as a Healthcare Recruiter. Since joining Express in August 2022, Cyndy has demonstrated her expertise in matching candidates with suitable positions, ensuring a seamless transition for both job seekers and employers.

    Cyndy is a creative soul who thrives on artistic expression, whether it's capturing emotions on canvas or transforming faces through makeup artistry. Cyndy also enjoys indulging in movies, shopping, and savoring delicious cups of coffee in her free time.

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    Andre Hernandez
    Andrea Hernandez

    Healthcare Coordinator

    Driven by a deep commitment to community service, Andrea has spent the past decade cultivating meaningful relationships and honing her customer service skills. With a passion for making a positive impact on others' lives, she joins the Express team eager to leverage her expertise to assist those seeking employment and contribute significantly to the company's success.

    Beyond her dedication to her work, Andrea finds fulfillment in outdoor adventures with her beloved dog Dusty and cherishing moments with her family.


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