Express West Palm Beach Client Testimonials

  • We want to thank everyone who took the time to share their experiences with our Express West Palm Beach office. Getting feedback from our Palm Beach County Job Seekers and Clients is how we know we're doing right by the community!

  • Thomas L.

    Vice President, Manufacturing

    "As we prepared to move to our new manufacturing and R&D center of excellence, we needed a rapid ramp up of manufacturing specialists, technicians, supply chain experts and other support positions. We interviewed several potential staffing partners and chose Express Employment Professionals (EEP).

    Lee and his team have worked closely with us to understand our specific requirements and to deliver exactly the skill sets along with the work ethic needed to launch our company. We have experienced continuous improvement, high retention, and successful conversion to full time from our EEP contractors. As a bonus we have benefited from EEP’s highly connected local Rolodex.

    While we understand that we are one of many clients of EEP, we have always been treated as if we were the one client. As a delighted customer, we whole-heartedly endorse Express Employment Professionals."

    Alvitta B.

    Express Associate

    "My experience with Express personnel has been great. I signed up, took the test and not even a whole week later I was placed in a great position and end up getting hired by the company. Barbara Fossett is one of a kind, she will get you hired if you have the experience and do good by the company. You need to be dedicated, by being on time and do well on an assignment and everywhere they have an office, they will get you to work. "

    Jack S.


    "I am taking the opportunity of thanking you explicitly for your very successful efforts finding the right person for our subsidiary. Your Company had supported us already with various successful recruiting of different personnel on lower levels than the President?s position. I very much appreciated your professional way of guiding the whole recruiting period, especially your good preparation in order to fully understand the needs and culture of our company."


    Express Client

    "I want to thank you for the extreme effort your company made to support us during our telephone installation at our facility. On very short notice you staffed us with 50 personnel for 24 hour coverage... Your personnel were presentable, efficient, their willingness to learn quickly and take ownership of the project assured its success in record time!! Thank you!"

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