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  • Building Skills. Building Careers.

    Improving and learning new skills increases your options for getting the career you want. Express Employment Professionals offers training resources and programs to help you get where you want to go.

  • Computer Software

    Computer-based tutorials, from beginning to advanced.

  • Communication Training

    Verbal and written communication skills for any job that requires interaction with customers.

  • Safety Education

    Introduction to worksite, tools, and equipment used on a job including job safety and proper use. 

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    Job Genius

    Video based training on the job market forecast, resumes and interviewing, how to find job openings, and building a career path.

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    Job Genius

    Video training on the job market forecast, resumes and interviewing, how to find job openings, and building a career path.

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    Career White Papers

    Learn what format is best for your resume – PDF vs Word, and how to achieve work/life balance.

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    With tips and advice on everything from the job search to finding work life balance, Express’ Job Journey blog is a great resource for employees and job seekers alike. 

    • Poll Results: What Stresses You Out the Most During this Festive Season?

      Here’s what you had to say. The holidays are a wonderful time, full of cheer and excitement. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be stressful, especially when it comes to juggling holiday responsibilities with work commitments. But what exactly makes the holidays so stressful for working folks? We decided to ask you, our Job Journey readers in November, to find out. Thirty percent of you said you don’t have any issues with the holiday season at work, while 22% said requesting time-off during the holiday season is difficult. Ten percent find buying gifts for co-workers stressful, while 9% fret over the company holiday party. Six percent worry about finding seasonal work to get extra money, and another 6% take issue with juggling co-worker time-off requests. Seven percent of readers chose the “Other” option, listing stressors including heavy unexpected workloads, just trying to get a job, and the fact that they don’t celebrate. There really is no one thing that stresses workers out during the holidays. It’s a combination of factors, …

      Thu, 12 Dec 2019

    • VIDEO: Behaviors Recruiters Look for During an Interview

      You’re being tested on more than your experience. It’s understandable to be nervous during an interview. Recruiters know that. But there are some interview behaviors they look for that could be indicative of soft skills, personal attributes that enable an employee to interact effectively with other people. That doesn’t mean you should over analyze every word and action you make during the interview, though. To get some outside perspectives we asked a few of our recruiters for the interview behaviors they look for.     Culture fit and personality are very important to recruiters. They want to know you’ll be a good fit. Now and in the future. So be interested, positive, and polite! If you’re ready to take the next step and find a job you love, call Express Employment Professionals today! It’s our mission to help great people find great jobs. You can call a local office, register online, or download the Expressjobs app on the App Store or Google Play. Looking for more interview tips? Check out …

      Tue, 10 Dec 2019

    • Job Spotlight: Plumber

      Could a position like this wash away your career worries? Despite already having experience with several jobs, many working adults are unable to answer the age-old question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Our Job Spotlight monthly blog series is designed to help answer that question. In this series, we review all the basics of specific jobs, from pay and duties, to why people do the jobs they do. Plumber In this month’s Job Spotlight, we’re plumbing the depths of what it means to be a plumber. Required Education: Typically, a high school diploma or the equivalent. Many plumbers learn through an apprenticeship, while some attend a technical school. A license is usually required. Pay Although pay varies depending on a variety of factors (e.g. experience, industry, geographic area, etc.), Plumbers make as much as $53,910 per year or more. Some plumbers can also work for themselves, potentially earning more while setting their own schedule. What Plumbers Do: Plumbers deal with a variety of responsibilities, including: …

      Fri, 06 Dec 2019