• Express Employment Professionals is proud to offer the Business Office Technology Certification and the Career Preparedness Certification, both of which are designed to verify individuals are fully prepared to enter the workforce. These certifications validate individuals have acquired the knowledge and skills required to be effective in their future careers. Additionally, the certifications allow employers to identify and connect with more skilled candidates, filling gaps in the labor market and jump-starting individuals’ careers.

    As of 2023, more than 3,000 individuals have earned the Business Office Technology Certification, and more than 6,000 have earned the Career Preparedness Certification.

  • Express Employment Professionals Business Office Technology Certification

    According to a recent survey conducted by Pew Research Center, a large majority of Americans rank technical skills as critical to workplace success, including a detailed understanding of how to use computers, of which 85 percent rate as “extremely” or “very” important.

    Meeting the Industry Need

    This certification verifies individuals have acquired the technical computer skills necessary to be competitive in today’s modern workplace. It assesses industry-valued and industry-recognized business office technology standards. Those who earn the certification are more qualified and prepared to implement core technology and business skills in the workplace. 

    Industry Standards

    The certification exam consists of 100 questions and assesses knowledge and skills from the following weighted industry standards:

    • Office Technology Skills
    • Word Processing Applications
    • Digital Presentation Applications
    • Spreadsheet Applications
    • Database Applications
    • Desktop Publishing Programs
    • Workplace Communication Strategies
    • Ethical Applications in the Workplace 

  • Business Office Technology
  • Express Employment Professionals Career Preparedness Certification

    According to a Gallup survey, Americans have little confidence in high school graduates’ preparedness to enter college or the workforce, with only five percent of adults thinking graduates are “very prepared” to enter the workforce and only three percent thinking students are “very prepared” for college.

    Meeting the Industry Need

    This certification verifies individuals possess the skills necessary to discover, pursue and successfully achieve career goals. It assesses industry-valued and industry-recognized career preparedness standards. The certification validates candidates have a basic understanding of the workplace and their role in a professional environment. 

    Industry Standards

    The certification exam consists of 100 questions and assesses knowledge and skills from the following weighted industry standards:

    • Career Aptitude & Assessment
    • Education & Training
    • Job Application Techniques
    • Interview Techniques
    • Personal Development
    • Professional Development
    • Workplace Regulations & Standards 

  • Career Preparedness

  • Why We Created These Certifications

    Express works closely with leaders in a wide variety of fields to lead the way in matching qualified employees with the right workforce fit for them. As a global staffing provider with more than 40 years of experience, we take great responsibility in sharing our knowledge of and passion for developing effective and confident employees. These certifications validate individuals can demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to be successful in a professional environment.

    "We want to empower the next generation to make knowledgeable decisions about education and careers, and this partnership with CEV Multimedia is a powerful stepping stone in helping students discover and achieve their career goals.” 

    Rachel Rudisill
    Vice President of Marketing and Communications
    Express Employment International

    Testing Platform

    Express Employment Professionals utilizes iCEV, a division of CEV Multimedia , as the certification testing platform. As the testing platform, iCEV fulfills the following responsibilities:

    • Provides secure testing technology for certification exams
    • Regulates testing environment
    • Works with secondary and post-secondary academic institutions, workforce development associations and the public-at-large to offer certification options for career advancement
    • Provides certification verification to employers for potential job applicants
    • Offers optional study-guide material

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