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  • Engage to Retain

    Building Employee Retention through Onboarding and Development

    Engage to Retain is a training program intended for managers and supervisors that addresses two key components of an effective employee retention strategy: onboarding new employees and the importance of ongoing development.

    In the videos below, you’ll learn techniques to ensure a new employee feels engaged from day one and how building a culture of growth and development is important to both your employees and the future success of your business.

  • Engage to Retain: Set Them Up for Success
  • Part One: Set Employees Up for Success

    In the first of two videos in this program, you’ll follow two new employees during their first few days of work at a company with a strong onboarding process. From the moment they set foot inside the door, they are immersed in the company’s culture. Their new supervisors, as well as the other employees, understand the importance of starting a new hire off on the right foot and how setting them up to succeed from day one helps build engagement. (21 Minutes)

  • Engage to Retain: Ongoing Employee Development
  • Part Two: Ongoing Employee Development

    In part two of this program, our new employees have passed the 90-day mark at the company and are well on their way toward becoming an integral part of the team. Their supervisors have noticed the hard work and dedication both have exhibited, so now it’s time to start thinking about how to best help them continue to develop and hone their skills. As we saw in part one, effective onboarding practices are imperative in laying the groundwork for employee retention, but ongoing development is the key to keeping them engaged.  (15 Minutes)