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  • 2023

    Gary Lewis, Express Employee of the Month March 2023

    March Employee of the Month

    Congratulations to Gary Lewis on being selected our March Employee of the Month! Gary's supervisors stated that he has a fantastic attitude, is a team player and is always willing to help his team members. He is also highly reliable and just overall a very nice and friendly addition to the team. Gary - the Express Employment Team thanks you for all of your hard work and being such an extraordinary employee. Congratulations on being Employee of the Month, is it well deserved!!

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    January 2023 Employee of the Month

    January Employee of the Month

    We are excited to announce Brian Benjamin as our January Employee of the Month! Brian's supervisors stated he is a ROCKSTAR and he exceeds all expectations! He is a fast learner and shows great initiative. Congratulation Brian - the Express Team is so proud of you!

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  • 2022

    October Employee of the Month, Phillip Goldman

    October Associate of the Month

    We are excited to announce our newest Employee of the Month, Phillip Goldman! Phillip's self-motivation and "can-do" attitude make him an incredible asset to his team. His ability to complete tasks in a timely manner, openness to new assignments, and ability to problem solve all add value to the team he works on. Thank you Phillip for all of your hard work each and every day! We appreciate you!

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    Emma Tipton, March 2022

    March Associate of the Month

    We are so proud to announce our March Associate of the Month, Emma! Her supervisor stated that "she has been a great asset to the company since day one! Not only are her numbers and quality of work great, that is topped off with one of the best attitudes you will even run across. She shows respect and kindness to everyone she works around and everyone loves working with Emma. She comes in the door with a smile on her face and leaves the same way. She seems to bring out the best in our team." Congratulations Emma - the Express Team is proud of you!

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    Ronald - February 2022

    February Associate of the Month

    We are so proud of Ronald and all that he has accomplished! We always knew would could depend on him to show up & get the job done! His supervisor says he has a positive attitude, always eager to learn and works well with others! Congratulations Ronald, well deserved! We appreciate you!

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  • 2021

    December 2021 Associates of the Month
    ASSOCIATES of the Month!

    December 2021

    For December, we not only have an individual employee of the month, but we have a TEAM of the Month! When speaking with one of our valuable clients, Dorina stated that she has one of the best teams she has had in years and she couldn't be more thankful. They come to work each day and work hard, have a great attitude and work well as a team. We are so thankful to have such a solid group of Express Employment Associates!

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    Molly Her, November 2021
    Molly Her

    November 2021

    Congratulations to Molly Her, our November Employee of the Month! Molly's supervisor said that she is extremely dependable, has excellent work ethic, consistent in her work, adapts very well and learns quickly! Molly, we truly appreciate your hard work and dedication on the job! This recognition is well deserved!

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    October 2021 Associate of the Month - Express Alpharetta
    Emmett Smith

    October 2021

    Congratulations to Emmett Smith - our October Associate of the Month! Even in his short time with Express, Emmett has proven himself to be an outstanding employee! His supervisor stated he is always on time and ready to work, has a great attitude and is very respectful. Congratulations Emmett! Thank you for representing yourself and Express so well. Well deserved!

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    Damaren Montgomery, Alpharetta August 2021 Employee of the Month
    Damaren Montgomery

    August 2021

    Congratulations to our August Employee of the Month, Damaren Montgomery! From his first day, Damaren has proven himself to be a hard worker with a great attitude! His supervisor commented that he is a very fast learner & always eager to learn more and is a valuable member of the team and one he sees advancing within the company. Congratulations Damaren - we are so proud of you!

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    Willie Hixson, Associate of the Month
    Willie Hixson

    July 2021

    Congratulations to Willie Hixon - our JULY EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH! Even in just 30 days on assignment, Willie has proven himself to a wonderful employee! His supervisor stated he works extremely well in a team environment, is engaged with the tasks on hand & has a great attitude! Congratulations Willie! We are so proud of you and appreciate your hard work!

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    June 2021 Associates of the Month - Dennis Gaddy

    June 2021

    Congratulations to Dennis Gaddy, our June Employee of the Month! Dennis's supervisor said that he is extremely dependable, has excellent job performance and always has great ideas for improvement or betterment of the company in the long run. Dennis - we certainly appreciate you! Congratulations - this recognition is well deserved!

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    2021 March Employee of the Month - Express Jobs in Alpharetta

    March 2021

    Brenda has been an extremely loyal Express Associate for the past 8 years! Express placed her on an assignment in 2013 where she continues to strive for excellence each day on the job! Express is extremely appreciative for her hard work, dedication, loyalty, exemplary attendance and over all strong work ethic! Express thanks Brenda for her years of service and loyalty and for always being a Rock Star each day on the job!

    Congratulations on being our March Associate of the Month!

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