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  • From humble beginnings to building success, here's the story of Express: Ann Arbor.

    Our journey started when our owner, Derek Ilich, was 10 years old standing on a milkcrate washing dishes at his family's restaurant.  His entrepreneurial spirit was set into motion as he watched his immigrant parents start a business from nothing and turn it into something special.  It was then he knew he'd make his mark as a business owner someday.


    Fast forward 30 years, that tenacity persevered, and Express Employment Professionals of Ann Arbor was established in February 2014. Derek stumbled upon recruiting after spending 20+ years in food service. He began working as a recruiter in a corporate office, but quickly realized he wanted to break free from the corporate barriers that restricted community involvement. While attending a staffing convention, Derek learned about Express Employment Professionals. He found that Express locations were independently owned and doing very well competing against the larger, corporate firms. Derek thought back to his days on the milkcrate and knew that he could turn this business into something special, just like his parents had. Not only would he be his own boss, but he would have the freedom to make a meaningful impact on the community. 


    Staying with the family theme, Derek's wife, Elizabeta, became co-owner in 2016, and thus began a real boots-on-the-ground movement to establish their business from the ground up. Through their efforts, along with their incredible team ( meet the team here! ), Express Ann Arbor has become the go-to staffing agency of Greater Ann Arbor. 

    Since 2014, we've been able to impact the community in the following ways: 

    • Number of associates placed on assignment: 4,485
    • Number of associates hired in with clients: 756
    • Number of client partners: 272


    Express Employment's servant mentality aligns with the Ilich family values and beliefs. The Ann Arbor team rallies around this mentality too and understands the importance of how we're able to impact lives through the trust that we build and the work that we do on a daily basis.


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  • Our Value Statement:

    Our passion is to enrich the lives of those we encounter every day through a high level of integrity and quality of service.

    Our Mission:

    To put more people to work today than we did yesterday.

    Our Vision:

    To be the only brand employers and job seekers think of when they think "employment."

    Our Impact:

    We've employed more than 35,000 people throughout Greater Ann Arbor since 2014. 

  • Our Services

    Our Services

    Express Employment Professionals is one of the top staffing companies in Michigan. Every day, we help find people jobs and provide workforce solutions to businesses. We provide a full range of employment solutions that include full-time and temporary, and a wide variety of jobs that include Industrial, Office Services, and Professional. 

    Express Employment Professionals of Ann Arbor is locally owned and operated. Since opening in 2014, we have provided staffing solutions to more than 100 companies in the Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Saline, and Manchester areas. We've also helped thousands of people in the community find quality jobs. In 2019 alone, we employed 1,160+ people in the Ann Arbor area and had 130+ associates find their forever career homes with one of the 93 companies we partnered with. 

    As one of the leading staffing agencies in North America, Express provides employment services and workforce solutions to employers throughout our community. Contact us today to get started on finding the right fit for you.

  • International Resources

    The Express office is a locally owned small business with access to international resources. Founded in 1983, Express today employs more than 500,000 people across more than 850 franchise locations in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

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