Workforce Solutions in Ypsilanti

  • Workforce Solutions in Ypsilanti

    Ann Arbor, MI - March 29, 2021

    Workforce Solutions in Ypsilanti | Express Employment Professionals Ann Arbor At Express Employment Professionals Ann Arbor, we take pride in working closely with local employers. Rather than imposing a one-size-fits-all approach on your business, we will customize our workforce solutions to the needs of your business. This offers a number of benefits for employers in Ypsilanti, especially when it comes to recruitment.

    Our range of staffing services, our proven track record, and our experience in different industries make us an ideal choice for your recruitment needs. Whether you're looking for seasonal workers, searching for skilled long-term employees, or simply want to make your hiring practices more cost-effective, our team has you covered.

    Workforce Solutions for Smarter Recruitment

    Our workforce solutions for employers in Ypsilanti can help your business in a number of key areas. By tailoring our approach according to your needs, we can assist with:

    • Seasonal Staffing. Seasonal and temporary workers pose a significant problem for employers. Without a streamlined recruitment process, it can cost more to recruit, hire, and onboard these workers than it costs to pay them for their work. Our firm makes it easy and cost-effective to hire seasonal and temporary workers when you need them.
    • Workforce Flexibility. In today's economy, more and more businesses are looking for workforce flexibility. At Express Employment Professionals Ann Arbor, we specialize in recruitment for contract positions, with a focus on flexible staffing. We can work with you to help you maintain a productive and cost-effective workforce while retaining your ability to adapt.
    • Stronger Placements. Our success stems from our longstanding track record of successful candidate placements. We use a proven, step-by-step process for recruiting, assessing, and placing job applicants. The result is a higher rate of successful hires, leading to improvements in productivity and a decrease in turnover.
    • Professional Recruitment. When you're looking to fill important positions, we can help you find highly skilled and highly qualified candidates. Our professional staffing services include options for direct hires and evaluation hires for in-demand positions.

    Recruitment Solutions in Ypsilanti, MI

    Our staffing agency has been locally owned and operated from day one, and we're proud of our history working with employers in Ypsilanti.

    As a locally owned and operated staffing agency, we understand the challenges faced by local employers. We work closely with our clients, and we will take the time to understand your business, your workforce, and your biggest staffing challenges.

    We currently offer our workforce solutions to employers in:

    • Ypsilanti
    • Ann Arbor
    • Saline
    • Manchester
    • And the surrounding areas

    Learn more about our workforce solutions in Ypsilanti and request a consultation by calling Express Employment Professionals Ann Arbor at ( 734) 929-5093 !