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    Kristal Thomas

    CEO & President

    Kristal Thomas, owner and CEO of the Bremerton Express office, has been a part of this community since 2007. She moved here after a brief weekend visit in which she fell in love with the area and wanted to put down her roots in Kitsap County. In addition to being a local small business owner, Kristal is also very active in the community. She is the Past Chairman of the Silverdale Chamber of Commerce, Chair of the Kitsap Business Forum and Host on The Heartbeat of Kitsap Podcast and Past Treasurer for the Alliance of Women Owned Businesses. She also holds active memberships with; Bremerton Chamber of Commerce, Kitsap Home Builders Association, American Staffing Association and Association of Washington Business.

    Kristal came from a background in Sales and Leadership and is uniquely suited to thrive in the HR & staffing industry. Supporting businesses across North America to thrive and grow in the areas of sales, communication, inventory control, hiring, training, systems, processes and leadership. She very much looks forward to putting these skills to work in your business. Kristal enjoys working with small to medium sized business owners and leaders to help them streamline their hiring process, save money and reduce stress!

    Because Kristal is a member of this community, working always to be a trusted HR resource for small and medium sized businesses she has a vested interest in our city and wants to help the people and businesses of Kitsap County thrive and grow together.

    Kristal is also a certified trainer in The 6 Types of Working Genius, which helps individuals and teams work towards their gifts for better engagement and to avoid burnout. Call to schedule her to work with your team (360) 479-4756.


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