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    February 2022 - Office Services

    Kathy came to us in 2017 when she moved to the area. Kathy is well known for her strong administrative skills and flexibility in various assignments. She sets the standard for professionalism, she always exceeds our clients expectations and is truly an asset to our office. Kathy was always our go to when we needed extra help in the office as well and we always look forward to her sunshine attitude.

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    Tane - January, Office Services

    January 2022 - Office Services

    Tane first came to Express in 2017 and after a few assignments got a long term position. When it was time to look for a new job, she called us first! Tane has been a pleasure to get to know and always leaves a lasting impression on our clients. Her customer service is top notch!

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  • Light Industrial Employee of the Month


    February 2022 - Light Industrial

    Since calling in to the office looking for temporary work, Stephen has been a rock star. He has become one of our regular crew. He is always polite and understanding about last minute changes, shows up early and works hard. Clients and employees both have told us how much they enjoy working with him We do too!

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    January 2022 - Light Industrial

    Sandra has been an Express employee since 2018! She has a great attitude and is always a pleasure to interact with. Any client we have sent her to loves her and they consistently ask for her on their jobs. She id dependable, hard working and always goes above and beyond.

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  • Skilled Trades Employee of the Month


    February 2022 - Skilled Trades

    Dan has been an exemplary employee for our office for over 1 1/2 years. He came to us a a jack of all trades looking for a good job that allows him to provide for his family and some consistency. He was placed with one client for over a year where we received nothing but great feedback about him. Unfortunately the job ended but Dan came back to us and brought along referrals of great coworkers he had that also needed an new job. Dan immediately got places with another client, where his work ethic, excellent communication and knowledge of work is being utilized. 

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    January 2022 - Skilled Trades

    Ramona joined our office family back in 2018 looking for temporary fill in work that allowed her the personal freedom to travel and enjoy her family. She has worked with over 23 clients on over 50 assignments over the years. Not only did she organize our office, she has picked up associates for work that needed a ride, never turned down a job and had the best attitude while doing it. It is always a joy for our office when she returns and is ready to get back to work. Ramona is a truly caring person who takes pride in sharing the best of what Express does.

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