Meet the Team

  • Jobs in Butte - RaShell Maersbecker
    RaShell Maershbecker

    Office Coordinator

    As the director of first impressions and our superb Office Coordinator, RaShell wears all hats to help the Butte team succeed! She holds her Bachelors degree in Business Management and hails from North Dakota from a horse farm! She and her husband Zach absolutely fell in love Montana and made Whitehall their home with their pup Linus so they could take advantage of the many outdoor activities they love. She handles:

    • Customer Service
    • Payroll Specialist
    • Job placement


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    Jobs in Butte - Douglas Ross
    Douglas Ross

    Employment Specialist

    Douglas is the number one Employment Specialist in our region! He uses his skills in interviewing, stays up-to-date in employment processes and requirements, and matches job seeker skills with business needs. He is a family man, veteran and supporter of our veteran community, AATW. He is the expert in:

    • Interviewing candidates
    • Connects to businesses with the need for qualified candidates
    • Legal processes for employment


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    Jobs in Butte - April Stoltz
    April Stoltz

    Recruiting Specialist

    April joined the team as Recruiting Specialist and brings the energy and excitement to the team in recruiting, finding and connecting with job seekers to get them equally excited about the opportunities we have for them. As a wife, mother, and wellness practitioner, April feels passionate about wellness, growth and leading our best life. She strives to help each job seeker toward their best life in the occupational realm. She handles:

    • Recruiting efforts
    • Preliminary interview from ExpressJobs, website, and Facebook applications
    • Reference checks


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