Employee Benefits

  • Successful Careers. 
    Successful Lives.

    We know successful careers lead to successful lives, and we want the best for you. While working as an Express Associate, you can become eligible for a variety of benefits.

  • Benefits of Working as an Express Associate

    If you’re looking for work, your local Express office is ready to help. Each Express office is locally-owned and operated with a team of employment experts connected to jobs available in your community. 

    And while working for Express, as a temporary or contract associate, you’ll have access to a variety of benefits to make life easier. 

    Working for Express:

    While we know the reason you turned to Express is to get your next job, there are a variety of other benefits to enjoy while working for Express. 

    • Weekly Pay – Express associates are paid each Friday. For instructions on submitting time and selecting your pay option, contact your Employment Specialist.  
    • Pay Options – Express offers a variety of ways to get paid:
      • Direct deposit
      • Pay cards are available through Money Network, Royal Bank of Canada, or Wisely by ADP. Ask your office which vendor they work with.
      • A printed check 
    • Referral Bonuses – Nearly 30% of the people Express puts to work were referred by Express associates. Your trust in us to help your friends and family find work is appreciated. Referral programs vary by office, so ask your Employment Specialist how you can help others find work and maybe earn some extra cash in the process. 
    • ExpressLearn – Gain new skills through ExpressLearn, a mobile-friendly, online learning platform. This free opportunity allows you to expand your skills to advance your career. To find out if your office offers ExpressLearn, ask your Employment Specialist.  
    • Holiday Pay – Express observes six paid holidays per year in the U.S. and Canada, with pay dependent on the hours you’ve worked with Express. Check with your Employment Specialist for details.

     Just for You Benefits

    Express associates are eligible to enroll in plans offered by ManuLife Financial CoverMe plans. For questions, call 1-877-268-3763. Additionally, with the FollowMe™ option, your coverage can continue after your employment with Express.

    • Medical Plan – Flexcare® offers health coverage to fill gaps from government health insurance plans or offers group health plan coverage.   
    • Dental Plan – The DentalPlus™ program is available within Flexcare® for dental coverage.
    • Prescription Drug Reimbursement – The DrugPlus™ program is available within Flexcare® to meet your needs for prescription drug coverage.
    • Life Insurance
    • Short-Term Disability

  • * Express Associates may be required to work a specified number of hours and/or weeks before they become eligible for some benefits. Benefits may vary by Express location. Your Express representative will be able to provide more detail about specific benefits for which you qualify.

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