Contract Hire

  • What is a Contract Hire?

    A contract hiring process bears similarities to the direct hiring process, however there is less up-front commitment required from our clients. Instead of the candidate beginning employment on our client’s payroll, they are retained on Specialized Recruiting Group’s payroll for the duration of the contract. A contract hire offers more flexibility to our clients, as they can choose to hire the candidate directly at the end of the contract or decide not to move forward. Contract term lengths vary greatly and depend primarily on the needs our clients.

    Main benefits of a Contract Hire:

    Candidate assessment

    With a contract hire, our clients can observe the candidate in their working environment and make a highly informed decision about whether to hire them permanently. This means there is less risk from our client’s perspective, but also gives our candidates an opportunity to assess their own fit with the work environment, lowering the possibility of them being a wrong fit down the line.

    Flexibility for uncertain timelines

    Contract hires work well for clients experiencing uncertainty surrounding how much work there will be, or what the timeline surrounding certain projects will be. Contract placements allow our clients to fill the current needs in their organizations, with the option to keep them full time should the demand for their role continue. 

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  • Your choice of Workforce Solution

  • Direct Hire Placement

    Express uses its extensive recruiting expertise to find and screen the best fit for your specific job requirements. Employees are placed directly with your company for a one-time fee.

  • Temp To Hire (Evaluation Hire) 

    If you want to see if things will work out before committing to a permanent placement, this is the model for you.

    This workforce solution provides the key benefit of an evaluation period to assess your new employee’s skillset, workstyle, and culture fit, before making a hiring decision. We use the same level of care and prioritization for this role as a permanent hire – typically this solution becomes permanent.