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    Client Testimonials

    • The staff is easy to work with and always respond in a prompt time frame to our staffing needs.
    • They are very helpful to work with.
    • We have been extremely pleased with the candidates sent to us by Express.
    • Consistent customer service to us from Express Employment
    • Express Employment has always come through with any needs/requests I have asked of them
    • Excellent service
    • I enjoy working with the Express staff. They are all very professional and go out of their way to help me when staffing needs arise.
    • Nice office staff who are easy to deal with and good candidates for employment.
    • Express always provides my staffing needs in the time frame given to them and always takes care of any issues that have risen.
    • Great experience with Express....
    • Local staffing we work with do a fine job in responding and knowing our needs
    • I am very satisfied.
    • Express has always provided the best service of any service we've used.  Their communication is spot on.  A direct reflection of the employees in that office.
    • Express takes care of us very quickly and effectively.
    • Express is easy to work with and they resolve any problems I have.
    • They always 'put me first'. Whenever I call, they make me feel like my needs are the most important
    • They are always friendly and immediately ready to service our needs

    Associate Testimonials

    • Great company to work for. Everyone treats you as family and always makes sure you're well taken care of.  They did an excellent job ensuring that I was aware of when an opening came up that matched my criteria. I know I can always turn to them if I need help finding a job in a timely manner.
    • I had a very positive experience with the company. The person I worked with listened to what my skills were, and also my desires as far as work environment, and placed me promptly and efficiently. I didn't have to do any of the "leg work".  I would definitely recommend this company for anyone searching for employment .
    • I have worked for Express for several months and they have gotten me really good assignments. They worked with me to help me find jobs that I enjoyed and was well suited for. I have only heard good things from people who have worked for them. I appreciate the office staff very much.