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    Kristen Morseman
    Kristen Morseman

    Sales & Marketing Manager

     Meet Our Sales and Marketing Manager:  Kristen Morseman


    Welcome to the driving force behind Express Employment Professionals’ growth and success – Kristen Morseman, our dynamic Sales and Marketing Manager. With a proven track record of elevating brand visibility, fostering client relationships, and implementing strategic marketing initiatives, Kristen is at the forefront of our mission to connect top talent with exceptional opportunities.


    Professional Expertise:

    Boasting 19 years of experience in sales and marketing roles within the hospitality industry, Kristen brings a wealth of knowledge and innovation to our team. Her strategic vision and hands-on approach have been instrumental in shaping Express’ position as a leader in the competitive staffing landscape.

    Key Achievements:

    • Client Engagement: Kristen has a knack for building lasting relationships with clients, understanding their unique needs, and delivering tailored staffing solutions that exceed expectations.
    • Innovative Marketing Campaigns: From digital strategies to targeted campaigns, Kristen has spearheaded initiatives that amplify our brand presence and showcase the value we bring to both clients and candidates.
    • Sales Growth: Through strategic sales planning and effective team leadership, Kristen has consistently driven revenue growth, positioning Express Employment Professionals as a go-to partner for staffing solutions.


    Strategic Vision:

    Kristen thrives on developing and executing comprehensive sales and marketing strategies that not only meet but exceed business objectives. Her ability to navigate the evolving landscape of talent acquisition ensures that Express Employment Professionals remains at the forefront of industry trends.


    Connect with Kristen:



    Phone: 607-936-0770


    Kristen is a driving force behind the success of Express Employment Professionals, leading our sales and marketing efforts with passion and purpose. If you're seeking innovative staffing solutions or exploring partnership opportunities, connect with Kristen to discover how Express Employment Professionals can elevate your workforce strategy to new heights.


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    Stefanie Ector
    Stefanie Ector

    Employment Specialist

    Meet Our Industrial Employment Specialist: Stefanie Ector


    We are thrilled to introduce Stefanie Ector, a seasoned recruiter with a year of dynamic experience at the heart of our talent acquisition team at Express Employment Professionals. In just one year, Stefanie has become an invaluable asset, bringing expertise, dedication, and a passion for connecting exceptional talent with career-defining opportunities.


    Professional Background:

    Stefanie possesses 1 year of experience in recruitment, honing a finely tuned skill set in candidate sourcing, talent assessment, and client relationship management. Her in-depth understanding of industry trends and a proactive approach to staying ahead of market demands have contributed to the successful placement of hundreds of applicants with a wide-range of skillsets in industrial environments.


    Key Achievements:

    Throughout Stefanie's tenure, she has achieved notable success in:

    • Establishing and nurturing partnerships with clients, gaining a reputation for delivering tailored staffing solutions that meet unique business needs.
    • Streamlining and optimizing the recruitment process, resulting in reduced time-to-fill metrics and increased overall efficiency.
    • Demonstrating a keen ability to assess candidate suitability beyond the resume, ensuring the alignment of skills, values, and cultural fit with client organizations.


    Core Competencies:

    • Candidate Relationship Management: Stefanie excels in building strong rapport with candidates, guiding them through the recruitment process with transparency and professionalism.
    • Client Collaboration: Her collaborative approach involves working closely with clients to understand their organizational goals, allowing for the identification of candidates who align with both skills and cultural fit.
    • Market Insight: Stefanie remains at the forefront of industry trends, staying informed about the evolving job market to provide clients with strategic insights and recommendations.


    Passion for People:

    At the heart of Stefanie's success is a genuine passion for connecting people with opportunities that propel both individuals and organizations toward mutual success. Her dedication to fostering positive candidate experiences and delivering strategic staffing solutions has solidified her standing as a trusted advisor in the recruitment realm.


    Connect with Stefanie



    Phone: 607-936-0770


    Stefanie is proud to be a part of the Express Employment Professionals team, where they continue to shape the future of talent acquisition through innovation, dedication, and a commitment to excellence.

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    Amber Akers
    Amber Akers

    Sr. Employment Specialist

    Meet Our Strategic Talent Architect: Amber Akers


    Navigating the intricate worlds of Engineering, Accounting, Management, and Administration, Amber stands at the forefront of our talent acquisition team at Express Employment Professionals. With a diverse portfolio of expertise, Amber is your go-to partner for sourcing and placing top-tier professionals across multiple domains.


    Professional Dexterity:

    Boasting a robust background in recruitment, Amber possesses 7 years of experience mastering the intricacies of Engineering, Accounting, Management, and Administrative placements. Her journey reflects a commitment to delivering comprehensive and strategic staffing solutions.


    Key Achievements:

    • Engineering Excellence: Amber has successfully placed engineers across various disciplines, from mechanical to civil and electrical engineering, contributing to the innovation and success of client projects.
    • Financial Leadership: In the realm of Accounting, Amber has provided clients with top-tier financial talent, ensuring organizations have the expertise needed to navigate complex financial landscapes.
    • Management Prowess: Amber excels in identifying and placing management professionals, from mid-level managers to executive leadership, facilitating organizational growth and leadership excellence.
    • Administrative Finesse: With a keen eye for organizational efficiency, Amber has elevated administrative staffing, matching skilled professionals with roles that demand precision and adaptability.

    Strategic Recruitment Approach:

    • Holistic Talent Solutions: Amber employs a holistic approach, understanding the unique needs of each sector and providing clients with tailored staffing solutions that transcend individual domains.
    • Proactive Talent Acquisition: Known for her proactive sourcing methods, Amber anticipates client needs and ensures a seamless fit for both technical skills and cultural alignment.


    Connect with Amber:



    Phone: 607-936-0770


    Amber is not just a recruiter; she is a strategic talent architect ready to shape the success of your organization in Engineering, Accounting, Management, and Administration. Whether you are an organization seeking multifaceted professionals or a candidate ready to explore diverse career opportunities, connect with Amber to experience the comprehensive recruitment solutions that define excellence in staffing at Express Employment Professionals.


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    Margaret Jayne
    Margaret Jayne

    Front Office Coordinator

    Meet Our Front Office Coordinator: Margaret Jayne


    Welcome to the heart of our operations, where efficiency meets warmth – Margaret Jayne, our dedicated Front Office Coordinator at Express Employment Professionals. As the face and voice of our organization, Margaret plays a pivotal role in ensuring that every interaction, whether in person or over the phone, is a seamless and positive experience.


    Professional Expertise:

    With 13 years of experience in office administration and customer service, Margaret brings a wealth of knowledge to the forefront of Express Employment Professionals’ daily operations. Her commitment to creating an inviting and organized front office environment reflects in every detail of her role.


    Key Responsibilities:

    • Client and Candidate Welcoming: Margaret is the first point of contact for clients, candidates, and visitors, ensuring a warm welcome and efficient assistance.
    • Administrative Efficiency: Managing front office tasks with precision, Margaret handles phone calls, inquiries, and administrative duties to maintain a smoothly functioning office environment.
    • Coordination and Support: Collaborating seamlessly with internal teams, Margaret provides crucial support to ensure streamlined communication and efficient workflow.


    Customer-Centric Approach:

    • Personable Service: Known for her friendly demeanor, Margaret goes above and beyond to provide personable and attentive service to everyone who walks through our doors or reaches out to us.
    • Problem Resolution: Margaret tackles challenges with a proactive and solution-oriented mindset, ensuring that client and candidate needs are met promptly and effectively.


    Connect with Margaret:



    Phone: 607-936-0770


    Margaret is the welcoming face that embodies the spirit of hospitality at Express Employment Professionals and the glue that holds us all together.  Whether you are a client, candidate, or visitor, connect with Margaret to experience the professionalism, warmth, and efficiency that defines our front office environment. Join us in shaping the future of staffing with a touch of personalized excellence.


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