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  • Laura Dominguez_EOM MAY 2022
    Laura Dominguez Employee of the Month May 2022

    Production Assembler

    Laura enrolled with Express in January of 2022, and was immediately placed at her current client. Since then, she has continued to grow and develop into her role, and has shown excellent attendance and engagement. She is currently assisting with a new project to the Company, and is excelling at applying her knowledge and working as a team to get the job done! The client shared with us that she is always happy to step in and help her peers.

    Whenever Laura is not at work, she enjoys her afternoons at the gym and time by the pool.

    Congratulations Laura, and thank you for being such a great example of who we at Express are! 

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    Lizbeth and Julie- EOM (002)
    Lizbeth Panteleon Employee of the Month July 2022

    Administrative Customer Service Representative

    Lizbeth's first assignment with Express was in May of 2016, and has completed nine assignments with Express over the last six years! She went to school in New York at NYU and got her degree in Public Relations, and during that time would work with Express Employment Professionals on temporary assignments over the summer and while she was home in Santa Ana. Her most recent assignment was with First Choice Services which she started February, 2022 and she was hired on by the client this month Full Time!

    Her manager whom is also featured in this photo, shared that she takes very clear notes so they really only have to show her how to do something once. She learned very quickly how to deal with difficult customers and is a team player. Lizbeth also always comes to work with a great attitude, is very well organized and is able to catch on quickly, which is just what the client needed. Thank you Lizbeth for all of your hard work and we are so happy that you found a long term position with our client! 

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    Anthony Doss Employee of the Month August 2022

    Driver Assistant

    Anthony Doss started working at the current assignment he is on with Express in July of 2022, and will be hired on Full Time starting in October! The client expressed that "Anthony has been a great asset to their team. He is pleasant to work with and gets along with all. His hard work does not go unnoticed!" 

    Anthony likes to focus on work and always leaves a good impression across anyone he meets. He has great attendance and is always flexible to come in early and lend any extra hands when needed. Anthony has worked for a few different Staffing Agencies in the past but has expressed that working with Express has been a wonderful experience. He has always maintained professional and his honesty and helpfulness is appreciated by everyone at Express. Thank you Anthony for trusting us with your job search and we are so excited you have found a long term opportunity working through us! 

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    September 2022 Employee Of the Month-Carmen
    Employee of the Month September 2022

    Production Assembly Associate

    Carmen is one of our hardest working and caring associates here at Express Employment Professionals- Costa Mesa. She is a single mom of two and cares for her mom full time. Carmen is always very helpful, and even takes the initiative to help her coworkers with their production work and navigating the Express Jobs App. We look forward to seeing her every Friday when she comes to pick up her paycheck here in the office. Carmen always walks in with a warm welcoming smile and wishes all of us a great weekend, without ever forgetting to thank us for all of the help. Our client was so happy with her work that they actually just converted her to a full time employee starting March of 2023. We are so happy to have helped her find long term employment and are very grateful to have her as apart of the Express family!

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    Oscar Mendoza
    Oscar Mendoza Employee of the Month October 2022

    Warehouse Clerk

    Oscar Mendoza has only been with Express for one month and is already excelling in all that he does. He enjoys doing everything and getting to know all different people. While his background is in Shipping and Receiving, he has even spent time picking grapes and strawberries on a farm during the pandemic. He really enjoys getting to know the people he works with regardless of the size of the company. The client stated: “Oscar is all those things you’re looking for and then some. Oscar has great work ethic, is very focused and always positive. He prioritizes learning, doing things the right way and helping fellow team members."

     Oscar is constantly doing his best to help companies grow, and we are so grateful he is apart of our Express Family! Thank you for all that you do everyday Oscar!

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    Amir Halim Employee of the Month November 2022

    Front Counter Clerk

    Amir's first assignment with Express was in April of 2022, and this was his first time working with a staffing agency! He values teamwork more than anything. He strives to do his part and motivates others to do theirs too. Amir's family owns a printing business that he would often help out at. The client stated that Amir is a very positive employee, whom is well-liked by everyone. He continues to learn everything they throw at him, and he is always seeking to do more with his position.

    The Costa Mesa Express Team enjoys connecting with Amir every Friday when he picks up his check. He always has a smile, positive attitude, and get’s everyone excited for the weekend. Thank you for being such a great example of Express Employment Professionals, and we are so lucky to have you on our team! 

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    Februrary 2023 Employee of the Month Jan-Marke Manligas
    Jan-Marke Manligas Employee of the Month February 2023

    Print Production Associate

    Jan-Marke is not only appreciated by us at Express Employment- Costa Mesa, but his client could not say enough about how much he has helped their team. He is always on time and most of the time even early, for work. He is also extremely reliable and willing to learn something new. It is very important for his role that he is careful with the jobs he is creating for the client, and thus he is very quality conscious and always ensure is he diligent and deliberate with what he is working on. Jan-Marke is always looking to learn and develop new skills, which is key to the clients business. For these reasons, Jan was actually hired on to be full time employee in May of 2023. We are so proud of Jan-Marke and are very lucky to have him apart of our Express family! 


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      Jackie E- March EOM 2023
      Jackie E Employee of the Month March 2023

      Administrative Appointment Scheduler

      Jacqueline, or “Jackie” came to Express in December of 2022 looking for an Administrative Support role. Her references said she was a fantastic person and absolute pleasure to work with so we new we had to be quick in assisting with her job hunt. Jackie had supervisory experience, and we were excited to place her in an Administrative Support role for a client who was looking for coverage for a maternity leave. Jackie kicked off her new role in January of the New Year and has been there since. The client said she is responsible and reliable which is just what they were looking for! She is a hard worker and has great interpersonal skills. We are so happy to have Jackie aboard our Express Professionals team!


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      May 2023 EOM Eric
      Eric Mendoza Employee of the Month May 2023

      Auction Driver

      Eric has worked with our Express office since October of 2022, and has been reliable and a great contributor at the client. He has become a lead driver, and is responsible for a small crew who pick ups and deliver vehicles. He is always on time and is consistently helping his fellow Express coworkers find opportunities to excel at the client. He wants to help his coworkers enhance their knowledge of the auction industry and thus, increase their contributions and hours while at work. We are so lucky to have Eric as apart of the Express Employment Professionals family, and we know he does great work everyday! 


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