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  • Meeting 5 Employee Characteristics That Show Future Leadership Potential 11/06/2017 The next generation of company leaders may already work within your ranks. In today's competitive job market, developing talent from within is more important than ever, so it's imperative to keep on the lookout for current employees who show signs of future leadership potential.
    Respect 5 Important Ways Great Leaders Earn Trust and Respect 09/07/2017 So, what does it take to earn trust and respect from the people you lead? Check out these five important tips.
    Charity Research Is the Key to Picking the Right Charity for Your Business 06/17/2016 Picking the right charity to align your business with is a big decision. From finding the right cause to rallying your employees to commit their time and effort to support it, there are a lot of variables to consider. To help  ensure a positive relationship  for everyone involved, it's important to put in the legwork from the beginning to research the organization and make certain it's the right fit for your business.
    SocialValues Millennial Social Values 05/30/2016 Express Employment Professionals recently teamed up with the School of Media and Strategic Communications at Oklahoma State University (OSU) in Stillwater, OK, to conduct research about Millennials and their attitudes toward the American Dream. Also known as "Gen Y," Millennials were born between 1979 and 1995 and make up 30% of the population. As they enter the workforce and establish career paths, it's important to understand the motives and desires behind this robust generation.
    Interview Waiting Millennials and the Interview Process 05/16/2016 Express and OSU students surveyed Millennials, the majority of whom are working full or part time, to examine how this generation approaches   the interview process  .
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