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  • Current Data for Better Business

    Our healthcare staffing agency in Eugene, OR can assist you in staying informed on the most recent business facts with our research article releases and white papers. We make it easy for you to access the data you require from our multinational network.

  • Nurse Turnover - Springfield Healthcare Staffing

    Nurse Turnover

    A survey of nurses’ intention to leave reaffirms the value of manager relationships and personalization.

  • WhitePaper CTA Help Wanted

    Help Wanted

    10 places for employers and policymakers to grow the workforce at a time of low unemployment.

  • WhitePaper CTA Minimum Wage

    Minimum Wage

    A $15 minimum wage has good intentions, but with bad results. The Problem with a $15 Minimum Wage...

  • WhitePaper CTA Whats Wrong With The Economy

    What’s Wrong with This Economy

    What’s Wrong with This Economy? Four Cures for the Great Recession’s Eight-Year Hangover.


    The Generation That Won’t Retire

    Employers can greatly benefit from Baby Boomers in the workplace. Businesses should consider...

  • IndependentContractor_Whitepaper-CTA-Thumbnail-Button

    Contractor or Employee?

    As the economy continues to fluctuate, companies are relying on alternative means to keep production up...

  • A safety net or a trap

    A Safety Net or a Trap?

    At Express we believe a job can make an incredible difference in a person’s life. It offers opportunity, hope, security...

  • CTA_AmericasChangingWorkforce

    America's Changing Workforce

    America’s labor force is changing. Workers are increasingly turning to temporary, independent contingent...

  • CTA_TheGreatShift

    Where Are All The Workers?

    Perhaps the most confounding phenomenon of the post-recession recovery is the sharp decline...

  • CTA_CareerTechVsCollege

    Career Tech vs. College

    It’s time to break a taboo: College isn’t for everyone. For many, there’s a better—but much less advertised...

  • CTA_ChangingDynamics

    Is ACA a Game Changer?

    Few topics are more divisive in American politics than health care reform. More specifically, the Patient Protection...