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    "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

    Our Express Healthcare Professionals team strives to help local Clinicians discover excellent healthcare job opportunities with some of Lane County's most prominent medical facilities. We always strive to surpass expectations by making quick, but successful placements. Each of our team members wants to do our part in improving medical services throughout our community, while also providing qualified Clinicians with the opportunity to succeed in the medical field.

    Whether you're an Employer seeking healthcare staffing services in Eugene, OR or a clinician looking to get to work, our team of medical staffing recruiters is certain we can offer you the quality of assistance you both need, and deserve.

  • Stephanie Williams - Healthcare Staffing Agencies Eugene Oregon
    Stephanie Williams

    Healthcare Scheduling Supervisor

    "I love putting people to work. I set weekly goals for myself, and when I hit those goals, I feel proud."

    Stephanie Williams joined the Express Healthcare Eugene team in September 2018, as an On-Call Scheduler. Since beginning her journey with Express, she has worked her way up to the Healthcare Management Team. Stephanie is now our Healthcare Scheduling Supervisor! While considering multi-tasking to be one of her many strong suits, she prides herself on being able to get as much accomplished during her day as possible. She also knows how to appreciate downtime.

    Prior to joining our Healthcare team, Stephanie worked in the Dental field for 10 years and started Medical scheduling 2 years ago.

    Stephanie was born in Phoenix, Arizona, but moved to Georgia and then Oregon in 1999. Raised as an army brat, Stephanie spent most of her childhood moving from state to state.

    Stephanie is full of adventure and loves hiking with her sons (Quedane and Oliver) in her spare time. The 3 of them take a lot of weekend road trips together, as a way to explore new places and spend quality time together.

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    Taisha Hults - Healthcare Recruiters Eugene Oregon
    Taisha Hults

    Healthcare Recruitment Specialist

    "Helping people get the flexibility to move forward in their careers is one of my favorite things about working as an Express Healthcare Professional."

    We welcomed Taisha Hult to the team in November 2019 as our Recruitment Specialist for our Healthcare division. She is a dedicated and hardworking person who brings with her 3 years of experience in the healthcare field as a CNA 2.

    Taisha is a native to the Eugene community. She lives here with her fiancée and their two dogs, a lab and a beagle. When she's not at work, you can find her spending her spare time baking.

    How Others Describe Her

    Quiet and sweet.

    Something Unique

    Taisha has a unique and valuable perspective when it comes to healthcare recruitment since she has also worked in the healthcare profession as a CNA.

    Best Skillsets


    Favorite Quote

    "What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do" - Timothy Ferriss

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    No Photo Available - Express Healthcare Professionals - Eugene
    Jaime King

    On-Call Healthcare Scheduler

    "As an On-Call Scheduler, I love the feeling of being able to successfully place a clinician when a last-minute shift comes in."

    Jaime King became an Express Healthcare Professional in September 2019 and current holds the role of On-Call Healthcare Scheduler. A straight shooter who is always fair, Jaime has been a great addition to our healthcare team. She brings with her, 20 years of healthcare experience as a CNA (Certified Medical Assistant), having spent the last 11+ years with PeaceHealth.

    Jaime was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She and her fiancé have one dog named Max. He is a purebred Alaskian Malamute, weighing in at a whopping 145lbs. She is always hard at work, so when she does get some downtime, Jamie can be found at home relaxing.

    How Others Describe Her

    Brutally honest, but with a good heart.

    Something Unique

    Jaime is of Native American descent-nearly half.

    Best Skillsets


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    Melissa Brundage - Healthcare On-Call Scheduler
    Melissa Brundage

    On-Call Healthcare Scheduler

    "I love knowing that I am playing a key role in providing patients (and facilities) with the care and staff that they need and deserve."

    We welcomed Melissa to our Express Healthcare team in March 2019. Hard-working, committed, flexible, caring, and dependable, Melissa has a variety of personal traits we value and that makes her an exceptional On-Call Scheduler. On top of all of this, Melissa also brings to our team 20+ years of experience in the healthcare field, having started off as a CNA before moving to work in Medical Records, Front Office Reception, and then becoming a Certified Medical Assistant that worked in both the front and back office. Melissa also has medical billing/coding and medical transcription experience.

    As the daughter of a Marine, Melissa grew up in Springfield but spent a lot of time in Southern California. As an adult, Melissa spent about 10 years in Idaho before moving back to the Eugene/Springfield area.

    Now Melissa is the proud mother of 3 daughters, ages 20, 17, and 11. They also have 3 animals, 2 calico polydactyl cats (extra toes) named Shadow and Shay, and a border collie mix named Panda. Melissa loves spending quality time with her family when she is not in the office. She also enjoys going hiking and participating in other outdoor activities when the weather permits.

    How Others Describe Her

    Loving, loyal, supportive, and tenacious.

    Something Unique

    Melissa is deaf in one ear.

    Best Skillsets

    Flexibility, adaptability, and willingness to learn more and do more.

    "The best way out is always through"- Robert Frost

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