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    Shelley Nilsen & Nathan Nilsen


    Express Employment Professionals of Eureka, CA is owned by Shelley and Nathan Nilsen and has been in operation since 2000. Shelley runs Express while Nathan runs Nilsen Co.'s Eureka store and feed mill. Shelley and the fabulous Express Team are dedicated to providing quality staffing services and human resource solutions to businesses and job seekers in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties.  We are passionate about giving back to our community and search out opportunities to support workforce development.  

    Our vision:  We make a difference, one person at a time!

    Our values:  Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Customer Service, Impact

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    Shelley Nilsen
    Shelley Nilsen


      • I have a Masters degree in Social Work with an emphasis in Community Development and Administration.
      • I understand winding career paths.  My own has taken me from a non-profit private sector developmental disabilities agency to public sector mental health, child welfare, and health and human services and back to the private sector as a business owner! 
      • When I grow up I want to help lead the effort to build up the Wabash neighborhood into a sparkling gem of Eureka.  I also want to travel extensively,
      • Best advice for living a happy, healthy life:  Never stop learning! Deliberately make time for learning and be very intentional about what you seek to learn.
      • Pets:  One giant puppy and one plump office-cat-turned-house-cat, who get along like siblings.


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        Kathy Wells
        Kathy Wells

        Operations Manager

        • I enjoy kayaking and hiking in our beautiful redwoods. 
        • If you could vacation anywhere, where would it be?  Anywhere with warm sun and sandy beaches.
        • Best advice for living a happy, healthy life: Take care of yourself mind, body and spirit.  Lift up those around you and rise together to meet life's challenges.
        • Favorite music? All music - the two greatest treasures in life are love and music!
          • Favorite dessert! Everything chocolate.


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            Olivia Wilma
            Olivia Wilma

            Payroll/ Accounts Receivable Coordinator

            Olivia loves working at Express Employment Professionals as our Payroll and Accounts Receivable Specialist. She enjoys working alongside her extremely supportive team members to ensure that our associates get paid accurately and on time. She loves doing home improvement projects, watching movies, and going on hikes in our beautiful redwood forests and beaches!


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            Shakeh Chocholak
            Shakeh Chocholak

            Healthcare Recruiter

            • When I grow up I would like to sell my own hand-made jewelry, paintings, greetings cards, ornamental book marks, etc.!
            • If I could vacation anywhere, it would be Alaska. 
            • I enjoy singing, martial arts, cooking, gardening, dance, and a good k-drama.
            • If there was a sound that represented peace, I would vote for the purr.  





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              Jasmine Younger Profile
              Jasmine Younger

              Healthcare Specialist

              Jasmine is grateful to be working with such a wonderful team at Express. As a Healthcare Recruiter, she adores having the opportunity to meet new people via email, phone, or in person. She is a huge fan of watching sports - especially football, basketball, and volleyball. She loves working out, adventuring outside, spreading kindness to all, and car rides with the music going nonstop. 


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              Coming Soon Picture
              Jackie Martinez

              Office Services Employment Specialist

              Jackie loves working at Express Employment Professionals as our Recruiting Specialist! She greatly enjoys speaking with people either in person or over the phone, and getting them through the interview process as smoothly as possible. She loves chocolate and pumpkin spice desserts as well as cookies n' cream ice cream. She enjoys going on hikes, listening to lo-fi hip hop, and collecting spiritual/metaphysical themed books (to read, of course!)

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              Luis Ramirez
              Luis Ramirez

              Senior Employment Specialist

              • If I could vacation anywhere, it would be at Bora Bora and Tahiti.
              • When I grow up I would like to be a business owner, in the automotive industry.
              • Best advice for living a happy, healthy life: live stress free, enjoy every moment you have with friends, family and make the best with what you have.
              • Favorite dessert: Too many to choose from!


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              Debby Tucker
              Debby Tucker

              Skilled Trades Employment Specialist

              • I like to spend time with my family, watch baseball, basketball and football.
              • If I could vacation anywhere, it would be at Hawaii.
              • I enjoy listening to hard rock (Halestorm is my favorite), country, and today's hits.
              • Favorite dessert: Regular cheesecake with hot fudge on top!


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              Atty Cat

              Office Cat

              • I like to nap, groom and climb on high surfaces. 
              • When I grow up I would like to acquire more territory. 
              • Best advice for living a happy, healthy life: receive extra treats and lots of belly rubs. 
              • Any special pets: The humans that work in the office and the ones that visit!
              • Biggest pet peeve: Getting stepped on or pushed off of the humans lap and other cats snooping around my digs!


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