• Carrie

    Carrie Manner co-owns Express with her husband, Gary Manner, and specializes in Office Services. Carrie began her career in 2007 temping as a fill-in at the front desk of an independently owned staffing company in her hometown in Northern Minnesota. She was then trained as a medical staffer and payroll specialist before being promoted to manager over several branch locations. She was recruited into the Express family in 2011 where she further cut her teeth in management and staffing in a busy, award-winning downtown office that specialized in call center, manufacturing, accounting, and clerical staffing. After taking a hiatus to focus on writing, Carrie returned to Express and relocated to Washington State in 2021. She and Gary purchased the Everett Express office in May 2022, and both look forward to building on the success established by their predecessors. Carrie's hobbies include reading, writing, and spending time in nature. 


    Gary Manner co-owns Express with his wife, Carrie Manner, and specializes in management and sales. Gary comes from a background working as a union Power Limited Technician in Northern Minnesota. He has an FCC license, a Power Limited Technician License, and a CDL B. He joined the Express family in May 2022 after relocating to the West Coast and purchasing the Everett office with Carrie. Gary helps lead the team, adding a vast array of knowledge in several industries, including construction, railroad, and landscaping. His hobbies include fishing, road-tripping, and spending time in the great outdoors.