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    Lucas Priestley (Office Manager) is a Veteran of the United States Navy, serving from 2004-2008 as an Aviation Electrician’s Mate. He worked on H-60 Helicopters, what most folks know as a Blackhawk.  He has held several sales positions since completing service.

    In August of 2017, Lucas joined the Express Employment Team here in Forest Lake. “The reason I decided to become part of this team is the Leadership. Every organization rises or falls on Leadership, and this office has a phenomenal Owner that cares a great deal about people. And that’s important, because we’re looking to create impact within the community we live. We get to do that every day; by bringing together great Associates with great Local Companies." 

    John Zerwas (Business Developer) is a former small business owner that had a focus on providing the most elite remodeling/restoration service possible. When business was slow during the winter months, John did snow removal through Express Employment Professionals. He can now say he is proud to be employed with the Express Employment internal team since July of 2018. John still enjoys doing side jobs when he has the time. His favorite part of construction/restoration is the before and after, turning nothing into something great that customers can enjoy every day.

    John’s favorite part as business developer is meeting new people and connecting local businesses with local employees. He graduated from Forest Lake High School and is happy to be working in the community where he grew up.

    John enjoys being a dad to his three beautiful children, spending time with his family, and coaching his daughters’ soccer teams. He also enjoys playing sports, learning new things, and always working to move forward in life.  John is grateful for the opportunity Express offered him back in 2018. He plans to advance his career with the Express Employment Franchise.

    Michael Lundgren (Employment Specialist) enjoys helping people become the best person they can in their career. Through his many different life experiences, Mike has learned that he appreciates the human element of companies the most. Mike joined Express as an Associate in 2016, was hired on by Madsen Fixture and Millwork and later at Rosenbauer! He made the move to internal employee of Express in 2019 and has loved every day since!

    His favorite part of his job as Employment Specialist is learning about the interesting aspects and experiences of the different candidates he speaks with. His passion to help people came from his grandfather Dale, who ran a charity for people with disabilities. Mike has helped with different events that the charity holds and has grown his ability to see people are more than the things that try to hold them back.

    Mike lives in Forest Lake with the mother of his children, Lisa, and their three kids. Mike enjoys playing hockey in a rec league, spending time with kids and family, and, when he can, enjoy a great show or movie. 

    Missy Lundgren (Front Office Coordinator and Payroll Specialist) is a proud mom of 3 who has joined our team in 2019 after being a Stay at Home Mom for 5 years. She has a wide variety of experience in the Customer Service and Health Care industries. She enjoys working with people and providing top notch service in all that she does.

    Her favorite part of her position with Express is seeing the Associates as they pick up their paychecks - and handing out Pay Day candy bars on Pay Day!! 

    Sarah Soderlind (Recruiting Specialist) worked in healthcare for 12 years prior to joining Express, registering new patients and updating current patients. This was great experience for her current role: Sarah enjoys getting to know people as they call in to find out their likes and dislikes and answer questions people may have. Sarah has been described as "personable" while doing the interview process. 

    Sarah enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and their 5 kids, watching reality tv, traveling, warm weather and wearing flip flops year round. Sarah's dislikes are pizza and socks - and writing bios about herself :-)  

    Ashlee Martini (Employment Specialist - On-Site with Teamvantage) is a graduate of Concordia University, St. Paul where she achieved her degree in Theatre in May of 2018. Since then, Ashlee is an active person in the theatre, film, and arts scene in the Twin Cities. She works as a playwright/screen writer, director, actor, and production assistant. She has been a part of over 30 theatre productions and 8 films. Most recently, she worked at the History Theatre with their production of “Dirty Business”, starred in a Fringe Festival Show called “Fool For Love”, and performed in “Macbeth” with the Wayward Theatre Company – which won “Best Play of 2020” in the Twin Cities. Her life in theatre is where she learned her greatest lesson and motto to live by: “Don’t take the opportunity. Make the opportunity.” In other professional settings, she has had management roles in retail, finance, and I.T. Support.

    On the 50th anniversary of her grandparents, October 24th, 2020, Ashlee Martini married her best friend, Matthew Gorden. They had a cold backyard wedding in Pine City, MN, but after dating for almost six years, she knew his hands would keep hers warm, just as they have always done. They are excited for a bright, beautiful life full of possibilities and adventures. 

    Ashlee has many hobbies. She loves to spend time with her new husband and their two rescue dogs: Cleo and Mocha; both are American Staffordshire (Pitbulls). For fun, she reads, writes, plays videogames, rides horses, plays D&D, and watches Netflix and TV. Ashlee is definitely a people person. According to Meyers-Briggs, she is 96% extraverted, and it’s not hard to believe. She loves talking, and she always says it’s her greatest strength and weakness. 

    In the middle of the pandemic and struggles of COVID-19, Ashlee joined the team on June 26th, 2020. Ashlee was hired on and serves as an Onsite Representative at Teamvantage in her role as a specialized Employment Specialist. She fell in love with the office and the team the moment she walked through the door. “I finally found a work place I truly love. I love to help people, and my role is very special, because I get to have a very personal touch with my Associates. I get to develop long lasting relationships with them. After I place them, I get to watch them grow, and for some of them, I get to witness them being hired on. It’s the very definition of ‘You reap what you sow.’ It’s a huge blessing to be part of that growth at Teamvantage and to be part of that growth and leadership at Express.” Ashlee looks forward to more opportunities and adventures with the Express team in Forest Lake, MN. “I joined the team for many reasons. Falling in love with the team, feeling called to the work, and looking at leadership opportunities were among the biggest. I can’t wait to see where I go with Express and where this team goes. Watch out! Here we come!”

    Emily Wolle (Bilingual Employment Specialist) graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Northwestern-St. Paul in May of 2020 with her B.A. in International Business. She began working with Express Employment in early September 2020.

    As our Bilingual Employment Specialist, she works with Spanish and English-speaking Associates.  Her favorite part of her job is getting to share the excitement with her Associates when she finds them a job. 

    Emily enjoys traveling, spending time with her dog Perro, and watching Netflix.