5 Signs Your Co-Worker is Toxic

  • 5 Signs Your Co-Worker is Toxic

    Gresham, OR - December 22, 2021

    2021-12 December Administrative Assistant in Gresham, OR Everyone has, at one point or another, had a co-worker who is toxic. This might be someone you work with directly and see daily, or it might be someone that you only encounter every now and then. Either way, it can feel like your whole day is ruined when having to deal with such an individual. It's important to recognize the signs of a toxic co-worker, not only to protect yourself from having your energy drained or your productivity hindered, but also because it could save you from ever becoming one. A staffing company in Gresham, OR is here with some common signs of toxicity! 

    1. They're always negative. 

    Negativity spreads rapidly in a group, and it can be tough to work in an environment where someone is constantly putting a damper on things. If your co-worker is always negative, it's best to try and distance yourself from them as much as possible. 

    2. They nitpick everything you do. 

    Have you ever had that one co-worker who is always finding fault in what you do, no matter how minor? This can be frustrating, and it's a sign that this person is likely toxic. If your co-worker is always trying to undermine your work, it's time to find a way to limit your interactions with them. 

    3. They're always late. 

    If your co-worker is constantly late to work and meetings, they might be trying to show that their time is more valuable than everyone else's. This is toxic behavior and should not be tolerated by anyone. 

    4. They sabotage others' success.   

    When you have a coworker who does everything that he or she can to keep you from succeeding, it's a sign that they may be toxic to your team. If you find yourself constantly struggling and if it seems like the harder you work the worse things get, look for ways to limit your interactions with this person. 

    5. They always make excuses.  

    If your co-worker always has an excuse for why something can't get done, or why he or she didn't complete a task, then they might be trying to deflect that blame onto someone else. That's a sign of toxicity. If you can, try to avoid working too closely with this person. 

    If you have a co-worker that displays any of these signs, it's important to act and remove yourself from the situation as much as possible. Toxic behavior can be incredibly damaging to both your mental and physical health, so it's best to steer clear. If keeping your distance doesn't work, it might be time to start a new job search and find a position elsewhere! 

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