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  • Staffing services in Irving, TX - Carmen Reyes
    Carmen Reyes

    Staffing Consultant - Irving Office

    Carmen Reyes is a Staffing Consultant for Express Employment in Irving. Carmen has been with Express since August 2013. She loves helping others find a job that is a right fit based on their needs and experiences. Come by the  Irving office  to see how we can help you!

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    Velia Romo
    Velia Romo

    Staffing Consultant

    Velia Romo is a Staffing Consultant who works with Express Employment Professionals to help people find the right  jobs in Farmers Branch, TX . Velia believes that the interviews done on a daily basis are to help the person in front of her identify what it is that they are looking to accomplish. Velia has been in the Staffing industry for almost 12 years and knows the best reward is when the right opportunity is given to the right person and at the right time. Velia holds an Associate's Degree in Applied Science from El Centro College.

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    Mari Alba

    Office Manager

    Mari Alba has been with Express Employment Professionals since August 2008. Mari has worked her way up with Express, started as an On-Site Supervisor and is now the Office Manager. Mari's co-workers describe her as organized, great memory, and a work-a-holic, all of which are qualities that make Mari the excellent Manager and Recruiter she is. Mari was born in Dallas, TX and grew up in the heart of Dallas. She dedicated 10 years to the Mortgage / Real Estate industry before making the change over to Staffing. Outside of work, Mari's enjoys spending time with family, shopping and traveling as time permits. Mari is fluent bilingual and grateful for her family that support her in her journey of life.

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    Penny Gilden Yunker

    Executive Account Manager

    Penny Gilden Yunker is the Executive Account Manager for Express  Employment in Irving  and Farmers Branch TX. She's been with Mike and Arie Overby for the last six years and previously worked for Deb Gray in the Express office in Pittsburgh, PA. Her previous career was with Coca-Cola Enterprises where she successfully held sales management positions and finally delivered corporate sales training throughout the country. 

    This level of sales, from the 'suite to the street' has afforded Penny the opportunity to understand businesses from their perspective allowing good partnerships to develop. This manifested itself when she was cited as one of the Top 30 Sales people in the country in 2014.

    As mother to Maggie and grandmother to Ashton, Penny has a well-rounded and full life. Living in the Dallas area has been exciting and a pleasant surprise!!


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    Amy Verver

    Business Management

    Amy Verver started in September of 2018; she started as our Front Office Coordinator and moved into a Business Management role May of 2019. Amy Verver can be described by her co-workers as a positive and optimistic employee that is appreciated by everyone in the office. Her amazing work ethic and commitment pushes the Express office to reach new goals every day and with her sharp wit she expresses new ideas for the office to grow.

    She was born Weslaco, TX and raised here in the Dallas. She has worked in Property Management, Customer Service and made a wonderful change into the Staffing Industry. She truly loves what she does, and enjoys doing it every day.  



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    Kimberly Pena

    Front Office Coordinator

    Kimberly Pena is the Front Office Coordinator for Express Employment in Irving, TX. She has 3 children and Associates Degree in Business Management. Kimberly is an early bird, and loves helping others. 

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