How to Choose a Recruiter in Irving

  • How to Choose a Recruiter in Irving

    Irving, TX - August 03, 2018

    Recruiter in Irving | Express Pros

    If you're hiring workers in Irving TX right now, you face a challenging landscape. Hiring practices have shifted dramatically in recent years and left to your own devices, you might struggle to find the right candidates for your needs. That might lead you to hire a professional recruiter or recruiting firm in Irving, someone who can help you find the right workers and make more efficient use of staffing resources.

    In many ways, hiring a recruiting firm is similar to hiring a new worker for your business. You'll have a number of candidates to choose from, and you'll need to evaluate each agency's strengths, weaknesses, and experience to find the right fit for your workforce.

    So if you're looking for a recruiter in Irving, here are a few basic questions to help you narrow down the field and find your ideal candidate.

    4 Questions to Help You Find the Right Recruiter in Irving

    Will they invest the time to understand your business? If you're a recruiting agency, the easiest way to make a quick buck is to use the same "one size fits all" solution for every client. This allows you to fill vacancies more quickly than if you take the time to understand each client's specific needs. But it usually results in lackluster hires, which can reduce productivity while increasing workforce turnover. As an employer, you want a recruiter who will take the time to understand your business in Irving and your needs.

    Do they specialize in specific types of staffing? Some recruiters in Irving provide a wide range of staffing services, covering a mix of industries and offering a variety of staffing solutions. Other agencies prefer to specialize, focusing on a specific sector or offering a limited selection of staffing options. Make sure that the recruitment firm you choose has actual experience with your industry and the type of staffing you require.

    What types of staffing systems set them apart? If you're hiring a recruiter in Irving, they should be able to tell you what makes them a better choice for your staffing needs. At Express Employment Professionals Irving, for example, we use an ISO 9001 certified hiring process, which centralizes recruitment to reduce the cost of each hire, while using a mix of quantitative and qualitative evaluations to increase candidate-employer compatibility.

    How familiar are they with staffing in Irving TX? A staffing company should understand local hiring conditions better than practically anyone. If you're looking for recruiters in Irving, you'll want a company with deep roots in the Dallas metro area. You'll want a team that knows where to find great local workers, which recruitment strategies to use with local workers, and how shifts in the local economy will impact the hiring market.

    Express Employment Professionals Irving offers custom staffing solutions for employers in Irving TX and the surrounding areas, including Coppell, Farmers Branch, Carrollton, Addison, and Grand Prairie. Call our Irving office today at (972) 258-4981 to speak with a recruiter about how we can help your business.