Nominate Your Express Kent Associate of the Month

  • Do you have an Exceptional Employee working for your Kent, WA Business who deserves to be recognized as our Associate of the Month?

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    Let us know why they’re such a great employee and what they do or have done for your company that has warranted them recognition!

    We love to reward hard work, perseverance, dedication and outstanding performance to our Associates! Also, it increases staff morale when you let people know they’re appreciated and doing a fantastic job.

    Most of all, we love to hear your feedback! Nominating your phenomenal employees means that we are providing the standard of excellence we continuously strive for in our jobs! So, if you have an incredible employee who deserves to be recognized - please do not hesitate! Nominate them by sending us an e-mail using the link above!

    We look forward to hearing from you! 

  • See a full listing of our current and past Express Kent Associates of the Month here.