Find Customer Service Jobs in Kent

  • Find Customer Service Jobs in Kent

    Kent, WA - October 29, 2019

    Customer Service Jobs in Kent | Express Employment Professionals Kent For most Americans, job satisfaction is essential. When you're looking for customer service jobs in Kent, you want to find employers you can count on, a work environment you're interested in, and a role where you'll thrive. That's where our staffing agency can assist you.

    At Express Employment Professionals Kent, we understand how important it is to find not just any old job, but the job that's an ideal fit for you. With an award-winning expertise in staffing, we're dedicated to helping job-seekers filter out positions that aren't a good fit, and find customer service jobs you're excited by. 

    With our agency, it's simple: we've built strong relationships with businesses in and around Kent, so we have a clear understanding of what they're looking for and why. When we work with you to match you to job openings , we consider your career goals, your interests, your dislikes, and your personality. Then, we connect you to positions that suit you. 

    What Skills Do You Need For Customer Service Jobs in Kent?

    Because customer service jobs in Kent have such an enormous range, it can be tough as a job-seeker to understand the qualities you need. Here are three traits we've found that employers are often looking for: 

    • Can problem-solve independently.  You may need to think quickly, address customer concerns or questions, or otherwise solve problems for customers. 
    • Strong attention to detail.  Being in a customer service role often means paying close attention while staying organized and on-task. If you're detail-oriented, this could be a strong fit. 
    • Excellent communication skills.  You'll likely be expected to communicate with customers over the phone, by email, or in-person. You should be able to communicate clearly, pleasantly, and professionally. 

    How Express Employment Professionals Kent Can Help You Flourish 

    At Express Employment Professionals Kent, we're committed to helping you find employment that you're satisfied with. Our team can even help you strengthen your overall application, with comprehensive resources designed to improve your communication, software skills, and more. 

    We know that the job hunt can be a slow and long for many job-seekers, and we know that it's frustrating to find work that's not a good fit for you. From start to finish, we'll work with you to review your goals and help you meet them, so you can flourish in your career. 

    Get help finding customer service jobs that are right for you, with our team at Express Employment Professionals Kent. Call (253) 850-1344 today to schedule an in-person application.