Job Skills in Kent: Why Communication is Key to Your Success

  • Job Skills in Kent: Why Communication is Key to Your Success

    Kent, WA - December 19, 2019

    Job Skills in Kent | Express Employment Professionals Kent There's a common saying that hard skills may help you get your next job, but soft skills will help you excel at it! To help you advance your career, our employment experts at Express Employment Professionals Kent are here to cover essential job skills in Kent. Today, we're going to cover the most sought after soft skill - communication. 

    Why Communication Is Such a Crucial Job Skill in Kent

    No matter what field you're working in, there will always be a need to communicate effectively with others. Whether you're receiving instructions from your boss or trying to complete a project with your coworkers, the ability to listen to others and express yourself clearly can save everyone time, money, and a lot of unnecessary stress.

    So what does it take to be an effective communicator in Kent? There are actually several job skills that fall under good communication:

    • Listen first, and listen actively - Let whoever you're working with say their piece before you make comments or ask questions. Make eye contact and adjust your body language to signal to the other person - and to yourself  - that they have your full attention. 
    • Don't be afraid to ask questions if you need to - It's always best to make sure you completely understand what's been asked of you instead of acting on assumptions about what someone meant. Asking questions to gain clarity can stop you from making costly errors and show that you value your boss or colleague's knowledge. 
    • Practice expressing your ideas calmly and concisely - Being able to share your thoughts in a cool and clear way can help you advance in your career and avoid undue tension or conflict. Whether you're giving a presentation or countering an idea at a meeting, be mindful of your language and tone. How can you state your ideas in a way that's easy to understand and that doesn't dismiss anyone or their work? 

    Find Your Next Job Opportunity with Express Employment Professionals Kent

    The better you're able to communicate as an employee, the better you'll be able to integrate with any team. To learn more about effective communication and other essential job skills in Kent, reach out to Express Employment Professionals Kent today at (253) 850-1344. We can provide career advice and help you discover your next big job opportunity