Candidate Recruitment Process

  • Good People, Good Business

    Employee turnover can be expensive. Time spent recruiting, interviewing and training a new hire adds up and can cost an employer as much as 150% of the employee's annual salary. Our Specialized Recruiting Group proactively recruits and prepares candidates for the job, so employers can save time and money.

  • Our search process includes:


    Initial Discussion

    First, we want to understand your company’s culture, establish the candidates’ specific requirements, desired qualities, and  discuss a strategy for filling your need. Let's talk about how we can improve upon the process you have been using for better results and the best hire possible. 

    3p-lowCandidate Search 

    Next, we’ll review our existing contact database, as well as seek out new candidates, who have the skills and experience you need. Having a team of recruiters focused in specific niches often means we have passive candidates for you to consider immediately. 

    3p-lowMatching Skills to Position 

    Once we’ve identified candidates who match the skills and experience the position requires, they will be thoroughly vetted.

    4p-lowReference Checks and Interviews

    Reference checks will be performed, as well as phone and in-person interviews. Additional testing requirements can be meet to ensure your processes are consistent, regardless of hiring on your own or with the help of our Specialized Recruiting Group. 

    5p-lowCandidate Selection

    Only after our high standards of excellence have been met will we present our top candidates for your final decision. This often means we have screened out large numbers of candidates to only send you the best, and save you time.