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    When you need a new job, the opportunity to speak with someone and share your skills is paramount. If you are seeking skilled trades work, talk to your local Express office today.

    Express Skilled Trades
  • At Express, job seekers never pay a fee and you can complete your application over the phone.

    Express hires for a variety of skilled trade jobs, including:

    • CNC Machinist 
    • Lathe Operator 
    • MIG Welder and TIG Welder
    • Sheet Metal Mechanic 
    • HVAC 
    • Mechanic 
    • Pipefitter 
    • Millwright
    • CDL Driver
    • Facilities Maintenance
    • Machine Maintenance
    • Forklift Driver

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  • Hiring Skilled Trade Workers

  • 7-12-2021 Survey Says: We Need Welders OKLAHOMA CITY - 07/12/2021 Over the past few years we've repeatedly heard about the skills gap and the need for workers in the variety of industries that fall under Skilled Trades.
    4-28-2021 Machine Maintenance Jobs Are In-Demand OKLAHOMA CITY - 04/27/2021 COVID-19 brought about quite a few changes for businesses and employees. One common theme has been businesses focusing on maintaining their machinery, investing in employees rather than expensive new equipment.
    11-4-2020 In-Demand Skilled Trade Jobs During COVID-19 OKLAHOMA CITY - 11/04/2020 We've lived most of 2020 under the cloud of a global pandemic that's impacted nearly every aspect of our lives. But sitting and waiting for things to return to some semblance of normal could set you back in your career and limit your ability to grow.
    7-21-2020-Virtual-Interviews-for-Skilled-Trades-Roles Virtual Interviews for Skilled Trades Roles OKLAHOMA CITY - 07/21/2020 There's no doubt about it, this has been a year full of change. And for those looking for a new job, one of the biggest changes is the way they communicate with potential employers.
    5-13-2010 Skilled Trades Never Considered Four Skilled Trades Careers You Should Consider OKLAHOMA CITY - 05/13/2020 The work environment for skilled trades jobs is often misconceived. Whether it's a dimly lit manufacturing floor, or outdoors, braving the elements, most people believe skilled trades work doesn't offer their preferred work environment.
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    Blue Collar/Light Industrial

    Industrial environments, including manufacturing, distribution, production and more.

  • Casual_Attire_CTA

    Casual Attire

    Know what to wear in a casual work environment with examples for keeping it business appropriate.