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    an Express Employment Professionals Company

    Since 1983, Express Employment Professionals has been connecting the workforce to the workplace, serving millions of job seekers and hundreds of thousands of employers. We’ve been on the frontlines hearing the challenges employers are facing, understanding the mindset of the workforce, and studying the demographic trends shaping our future. 

    Now our partnership with our clients goes deeper than ever before through Frontline Training Solutions, an Express Employment Professionals company. Born out of a desire to do more for the companies we serve, Frontline is dedicated to providing the solutions you need to train, develop, and retain your workforce. We provide practical training and consulting solutions born out of real life experiences to help our clients become employers of choice and to be sustainable for the future.

    Our mission is to transform organizations by developing people, inspiring growth, and unlocking potential.

  • Training Categories

    Frontline Training Solutions serves Express clients across a wide variety of industries in five primary training areas: Leadership Development, Human Resources, Team Development, Professional Development, and Operations. From targeted courses to in-depth programs, we have the solution you need to take your team to the next level.

  • FTSLD2Leadership Development

    Whether you’re already in leadership at your company or are interested in developing your leadership skills for your own professional growth, Frontline Training Solutions offers multiple leadership development training programs for individuals, teams, and groups. Our trainings cover a variety of leadership skills and principles, from the transition of teammate to manager, to emotional intelligence, to coaching conversations and more.

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  • ftshrHuman Resources

    Whether you are an HR team of one or lead a large HR department, Frontline Training Solutions offers a variety of HR training programs to meet your needs.  We cover a wide array of topics including HR strategy, organizational culture, talent management, strategic workforce planning, change management and more.  All of these training programs are designed with the goal of providing HR professionals with the tools needed to ensure their companies are employers of choice.

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  • ftstdTeam Development

    At Frontline Training Solutions, we approach team development training in a variety of ways. First, there are the fundamental skills individuals can learn to work better on a team and collaborate better with others. Many of our open enrollment trainings can help an individual get to the next level in their communication, conflict management, and collaboration. We also recognize that team development is not just about the individuals, but about the team as a whole. For this reason, all of our training experiences can also be offered (both virtually or in person) just for your team.

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  • ftspdProfessional Development

    Excelling in today’s work environment involves a wide-array of skills and abilities. From being able to navigate difficult conversations, to managing projects; from developing self-awareness, to providing world-class customer service, employees need a variety of tools to help them perform well and collaborate effectively. Our Professional Development training programs target professionals at all levels and stages of their careers. 

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  • ftsopOperations

    Employers are often faced with the challenge of trying to accomplish more with less people and a strong operational foundation is the key to this. Our training offerings in this area focus on the “hard skills” of how to manage a project, how to manage and prioritize your time, and the daily tasks of a frontline supervisor. Our expert facilitators have in-depth, hands on experience in manufacturing, operations management, lean manufacturing and more so they can bring you practical training that delivers real life results.

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